About Us

Grupo EULEN, a family business with 100% Spanish capital, is the leading general services provider to companies.


We are pioneers in the concept of outsourcing, Grupo EULEN remains firmly at the forefront thanks to the quality of its work and its employees and managers commitment, supported by the ISO Certifications.

Grupo EULEN Chile began operating in 2000 and currently has a network of offices throughout the country. It has technical professionals and other employees on its staff, all with extensive experience in implementing and executing services, represented by 14 years of work in the local market and more than 50 internationally. The company specializes in Cleaning, Security, Maintenance, Auxiliary Services, Health and Care and, in general, any other business areas outside the clients’ core business that require qualified human resources.

Grupo EULEN Chile currently has approximately 10,000 employees from Arica to Punta Arenas, more than 2,000 facilities and 400 clients (private companies from the industrial, productive and commercial sectors, along with public administration bodies), considered by the company to be strategic partners.

Grupo EULEN joined the Global Compact and is firmly committed to society through the development of socially responsible policies, cultural patronage and protection of the environment.