David Álvarez Díez founded Central de Limpieza El Sol in Spain.

A new way of understanding the activity is born. In the late 60s, the headquarters of the company includes a training school and a laboratory that experiments with products and materials.



The company has branches in the major cities of Spain, serving prestigious clients who are slowly beginning to outsource cleaning.



The first expansion in Spain occurs with the foundation of Prosesa, the current EULEN Security – initiating activities of private security using as an advantage the legal regulation that compels banks and savings banks. EULEN Security is now the oldest Spanish business in the sector.

DEMASA is founded as a company, dedicated to the manufacture, import and distribution of machinery and chemicals used for cleaning.

The turnover of the incipient Services Business Group created by Álvarez amounts to 950 million pesetas.


In Spain, turnover exceeds 9,000 million and the workforce totaled 11,200 people, with 105 graduates.

It is a key point in time, the origin of the current Grupo EULEN. In a period of transition, with inflation above 20% and at a time of uncertainty and labor disputes, Álvarez began a diversification phase towards sectors of higher technical content and added value.

Activities such as maintenance of facilities, environment, energy control, restoration of facades and monuments, and works commence.

The company moves its headquarters to Madrid.


Grupo EULEN is presented in Madrid, composed of 25 companies. The owl is embraced as a symbol of quality in the logo. Alvarez advances a concept of outsourcing as a set of services that allows a company to focus on their core business and not to worry about maintenance and conservation tasks.

The company has 14,000 employees and serves nearly 4,000 customers.


The Safusa company is created in Spain. It is dedicated to the development of new services: geriatric, warehouse control, concierge and guardhouse farms, management of municipal services, customer care centers…

25th anniversary


Grupo EULEN celebrates its 25th anniversary and consists of 72 companies with a turnover exceeding 25,000 million pesetas.



Through a process of mergers and absorptions, Grupo EULEN reorganized it company structure and is now formed by EULEN, SA (cleaning, maintenance, environment, utilities and healthcare services), Prosesa (today EULEN Seguridad) Demasa, EULEN Training Institute and, two years later Flexiplan, SA-ETT.



Grupo EULEN begins its international expansion in Portugal, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Peru.

Grupo EULEN began to operate in Chile at the end of the 1990s through a relationship with the international company Wackenhut.


In 2000, EULEN Servicios Generales began to operate in Chile as Grupo EULEN Chile. Back then, it provided cleaning and security services to companies and only had three regional offices in the cities of Viña del Mar, Concepción and Antofagasta.


The Spanish Confederation of Executives (CEDE) grants Grupo EULEN the award “Entrepreneurs with Values” for its social commitment to the training of professionals in Latin America.


Constitution of EULEN Sociosanitarios S.A in Spain, as a result of an excision process having taken into account the special nature of health and social services rendered.

Later, Grupo EULEN Chile entered the field of ATM services on behalf of Spanish company Telefónica, which in turn gave rise to its Auxiliary Services business. Another two regional offices were also opened in Rancagua and Puerto Montt.


Grupo EULEN purchases in the U.S. a company specialized in airport handling, ASMO, and bases the company in Miami.


In 2010, the company’s Chilean operation met its goals in terms of both financial and internal development, with the implementation of several different projects expected to provide results in following years. They included CRM and a Centre for Monitoring, Authorizing and Implementing the Sanitation service. That year, sales of €69m were registered.


The sales turnover for the international area is 280 million euros, 21% of the total activity of the group.

50th anniversary

On January 2, 2012, Grupo EULEN celebrates its 50th anniversary with a presence in 14 countries, over 78,000 employees and a consolidated sales figure of 1,338 million euros.


EULEN Middle East was created in 2013, with its base in Qatar to offer services to countries in the area.


Currently, Grupo EULEN has offices all over Chile, coming to a total of 6 regional offices and the company’s headquarters in Santiago. Staff numbers for the whole country come to more than 9,400 employees.


Grupo EULEN’s founder and first ever President, David Álvarez Díez, has died.


María José Álvarez Mezquíriz took over as Executive President of Grupo EULEN.