Human resources


The company is based on a commitment to create a work environment where all employees are treated with fairness, respect and dignity, with particular attention to promoting equal opportunity and treatment to all employees in a fair and unprejudiced way eliminating any discrimination, by any cause or origin.

Sensitivity towards social deprivation and actions based on a professional ethics criteria is a guideline to our behavior. The orientation and special sensitivity to social beliefs and actions based on criteria of professional ethics is the fundamental feature of our business behavior.

Our commitment is also aimed to develop an environment policy that minimizes the environmental impact generated by each of our activities, respecting and abiding by the current regulations.


Grupo EULEN, backed by over 50 years of history and a presence in 10 countries, is a Company whose major asset is the people, which are the key to our business. Thus, one of the pillars of the Group is based on the development of its employees.

Internal promotion in Grupo EULEN is based on the principles of capability, competency and professional qualifications. Such decisions are adopted in accordance with clear, unbiased and transparent criteria. 

Throughout the whole environment of Grupo EULEN we regularly perform a competency assessment in order to identify those employees who demonstrate high levels of performance and / or development potential.

As a result, we work in different development programs with people in all groups of the organization, which have shown through good results or thorough a good performance, higher or different responsibilities. 

For all these reasons we are committed to both the interest of each employee and the needs of Grupo EULEN to cover new positions or vacancies in any country where we are present..

Forma parte del Grupo EULEN


Final year university students:

We have entered into collaboration agreements with top universities, aiming for final year students to develop an internship with us. Throughout the year you will find active job offers.

From the start of the internship you will have a personal tutor who will monitor you in order to help assist you in your personal and professional development.

Recent graduates:

Together with the University Foundation and Company and its Citius scholarship program, we convene annual scholarships for graduates.

80% of the students with scholarships are incorporated subsequently to the Group’s workforce.

Experienced professionals:

We want an expert like you, if what you really like is working in a solid company that offers development in a multidisciplinary environment.

Acción social y voluntariado


In this regard, the company focuses its social action on the allocation of corporate resources to socio-economic development projects that support disadvantaged groups,mainly in the areas of social services, health, education, vocational training and employment.

Thus, our social actions are designed to favor these groups, helping them to integrate into society ‘s labor market.

Some examples of our social actions are:

  • More than 1,502 people with physical and intellectual disabilities in the workforce.
  • More than 2,600 immigrants on staff.
  • More than 1,000 employees belonging to groups at risk of social exclusion.

Volunteer program.

We offer you the opportunity to train disadvantaged groups. The workshops will take place within working hours.

The syllabus to be prepared and taught by the employees themselves are classified into different modules such as self-motivation, the selection interview, group dynamics, the secret of success, financial education, legal education and computer education.

Realizarse profesionalmente


Compressed working day

On Fridays, throughout the winter period and during the summer period between June 21 and September 10, both inclusive, you will enjoy a compressed working day which consists in carrying out the entire working day compressed mainly during the morning hours, thus allowing you to enjoy the evenings and harmonize your work life with your personal and family life. 

Flexible working day

Employees can self manage their time of coming in and out of work organizing their schedule as it suits them best and making it compatible with their personal and family life.

Time flexibility should always respect the mandatory time slots for remaining on the job and likewise this may be enjoyed fulfilling all of the day’s working hours, established and published annually in the work schedule of the company.

Sabbatical period

It is understood as the possibility that every employee of the Group structure has to enjoy a sabbatical period in order to devote to whatever s/he deems appropriate (family, training, travel… etc.).

Temporary working day reduction

You may request a reduction in working hours for a given period of time in order to facilitate the reconciliation of work and any aspect of your personal life.

Acquisition (purchase) of additional vacation days.

You may request “extra” vacation days to add to your annual vacations.

Social Counseling Telephone Service

Grupo Eulen makes available to all its employees a telephone service providing Medical, Psychological, Nutritional Dietetics, Social and Legal Counseling directly from professionals.

Formación en Grupo Eulen


Training is one of the pillars of Grupo EULEN since its foundation and one of the main lines of its human resources policy.

Already in the year 1972 the School of Controls is created and in 1982 the EULEN Training Institute begins its activity providing exclusive training to the company.

With the experience and background of years accompanying the business areas of the company, to this date, we train every year more than 30,000 students from all the countries where Grupo EULEN operates.

At EULEN, all our employees, from the time of their incorporation, are accompanied by the training department, which is a constant throughout your career in the company.

To start your career within the company, through the Initial Training Program, which allows a rapid, effective and non-traumatic incorporation.

To improve on your activity area, training in technology, is a constant in all our services.

To keep up to date, in the training of transversal materials, in the company’s own procedures.

To grow as a professional and as an individual, training in skills and competencies that enable the adaptation of each one of us to the positions we assume in our path in the company.

All this training is run through our Annual training plan:

  • With a catalog of more than 300 training actions.
  • For training itineraries designed for each position.
  • With authentic Schools (EULEN School of Supervision), and Upper Grade Programs (Service management program, Upper grade commercial program, …).
  • Training in languages.
  • With traditional and new classroom methodologies (e-learning, experiential training, recorded lessons) and an online training platform @prende, which allows access to training at any time or place.
  • With our training centers located in most Spanish cities, and the Corporate Training Center of the Grupo EULEN, based in Madrid, with over 1000 meters of classrooms, multifunctional rooms, library, staff room, equipped with excellent training resources.