EULEN Maintenance participates in the XXXI Congress of Hospital Engineering in Badajoz.

About six hundred business managers and technicians in Engineering and Architecture companies of Spain have gathered in Badajoz to participate in the XXXI Congress of Hospital Engineering, from October 16 to 18, where EULEN Maintenance participated through an information stand.

The official inauguration took place on the 17th with the intervention of the Extremadura Health Service manager, Joaquín García Guerrero, who exchanged views with Emilio García-Perulles ADG Integrated Services and Commercial Management of Grupo EULEN-and Albino Navarro- Manager of Health of Grupo EULEN.

In the region of 200 companies were represented at the meeting which turned Badajoz during these three days into the meeting point of the companies in this sector with the heads of the technical departments and the works of health institutions and entities in Spain, under the slogan “Learning, managing, saving and innovating”.

The scientific program included over fifty papers, a similar amount of communications, ten discussion tables and two plenary conferences, which addressed from different perspectives the issues of more interest in this sector, one of the most affected by the economic crisis.