EULEN organizes a Seminar on hygiene in food industries in Alicante.

On October 2, the University Miguel Hernández of Elche has hosted a seminar on Food Hygiene, organized by EULEN and in collaboration with Ainia under the theme “Enhancing Efficiency of Hygiene in the Food Industry”.

The event was presented by José Ramón Plens-Technical and Commercial officer of Grupo EULEN in Alicante, and was attended by rapporteurs such as, Claudio Golderbeiter, Director of EULEN Food- who spoke of “New cleaning techniques in the Food Sector”; Antonio Benclloch, Director of ABenlloch Consulting- whose presentation focused on “Experiences and needs for improvement”; Laura Verdú, from the Ainia Department of Bioassays- who spoke about “Microbiological Control in the Food Industries”; Irene Llorca, from the Ainia Department of Quality and Environment- who reported on “Process optimization and industrial disinfection and the use of new technologies”; and Antonio Orihuel, CEO at Betelguex- who presented the latest developments in “Innovation in cleaning and disinfection for the food industry and control. ”

Participation in the event exceeded all expectations as it was attended by representatives of companies from different branches of the food sector, both active and potential clients: meat industries, manufacture of spices, dried fruit, ready-made meals, confectionery, bakery and industrial pastries, etc. In total there were 30 representatives of companies among which we may highlight Damel Products, Colefruse, Helados Alacant, Eurogranizados, Fripozo, Especias Antonio Díaz, Jamones Casa de Ana, Vega Carne, etc.