Food Defense Technical Seminar: food security in the factory of the future.

EULEN Securityhas participated in the establishment of the Working Group Food Defense Solutions, an initiative created jointly with S21Sec, Masscomm, WAF, OCA Cert and CNTA, which aims to provide a comprehensive solution and to promote, create and disseminate the culture of Food Defense in the food sector.

In this context, on February 5, the National Center for Food Safety and Technology, CNTA, one of the collaborating companies in this Working Group organized a technical seminar on Food Defense in the Technology Center facilities in San Adrián (Navarra).

The introduction of new techniques in the field of food safety and quality is a constant. One of the latest terms to appear is Food Defense, a procedure required by IFS, BRC and FDA to identify, mitigate and monitor potential sources of intentional food contamination and to implement preventive measures to reduce these adulterations.

Although it is a term that is not yet considered by most Spanish agri-food industries, it is true that many of them are seeing the need to incorporate it given the fact that the IFS regulations will compel their implementation from July 15, 2014. Currently, the only agri-food companies that are obliged to compliance are those exporting to the U.S., according to the standards required by the FDA, but these are expected to be regulated soon at a European level.

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