Grupo EULEN organizes a seminar on social leadership of elderly people in Saragossa.

The Care Home for the Elderly Pedro Laín Entralgo in Zaragoza hosted the seminar “The elderly people in society, challenges to aging and to address changes by 2020.” The seminar, promoted by EULEN Social Healthcare Services, was inaugurated by the Counselor of Social Action and Sports of the Town Hall of Saragossa, the Managing Director of the Aragon Institute of Social Services and the National Director for EULEN Social Healthcare Services.

The seminar was attended by various participants representative of the Town Hall of Saragossa, the Aragon Council for Elderly People (COAPEMA), the Elderly People’s Association of the University of Experience of Saragossa (AMUEZ), the Geriatrics and Gerontology Society of Aragon, the Professional Association of Social Workers of Aragon and EULEN Social Healthcare. During the meeting, emphasis was placed on the need to continue promoting the active role of a collective of over 8 million elderly people in Spain, who are playing a key role in social cohesion, from an economic, political, social and family perspective.

Other issues that were held under consideration are the sustainability of the system after the progressive incorporation of the baby-boom to the group of people over 65 years from the year 2020, so it is essential to strengthen the democratic system, structuring and promoting the participation of major organizations representing civil society, in the improvement and sustainability of the welfare state.

During the seminar, the book “10 proposals for the participation and leadership of elderly people in society” was given, where a proposed amendment of the pension system raises the issue that a person, after fulfilling a contribution period, depending on his/her preferences, type of work and health, should have the freedom to decide if s/he retires, make a gradual cessation of work or continues working.

During the conclusions of the seminar, the highlights were the creation of the Leadership Forum of Active Seniors (Forum Lidea) in order to enhance leadership actions and social participation of elderly people, promoting proposals of sustainability of the welfare state, to promote positive view of the elderly people, to avoid any discrimination on grounds of age, and promote leadership.