Local government agencies

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Our offer includes a wide range of specialized services for boards, city councils, departments and administration, in general. We support the management of educational and leisure infrastructures, urban and natural spaces, transportation and people.

  • FS&M
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Ancillary services
  • Maintenance
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Solutions HR
grupo eulen natural environment


  • Landscape

    Management of protected natural areas. Environmental restoration. Forest exploitation. Execution of civil works. Environmental monitors.

  • Marine environment

    Cleaning, maintenance and preservation of beaches and their infrastructure.

  • Water

    Watershed and basin protection and regulation. Resources organization plans. Hydrological recovery, cleaning of rivers and riverbanks.

  • Atmosphere

    Air quality control. Maintenance of weather stations. Noise pollution control. Study of corrective measures on roads. Bird control in sports facilities (falconry).

  • Soil

    Soil characterization. Decontamination plans. Landfill sealing plan. Soil fertilization. Pollution control techniques.

grupo eulen urban environment


  • Conservation of green areas

    Design, construction and maintenance of green areas, parks and gardens. Construction works management. Maintenance and lighting of fountains. Gardening, design and ornamentation. Pest control. Urban planning, Cartography studies and environmental impact.

  • Water, air and waste management

    Analysis. Management of sewage networks, sewage treatment plant and clean points. Inspection by TV and leak detection. Water bills. Air quality and noise pollution control. Everyday cleaning: Supply of containers.

  • Energy management

    Energy audits. Advice for energy certification. Energy efficiency studies. Upgrading works and saving. Management of traffic signals, signage and video surveillance. Street lighting cleaning.

  • Emergencies/fire fighting

    Municipal emergency plans and evacuation plans design. Preparation and execution of drills. Forest surveillance. Management of ambulance and fire fighting services.

grupo eulen rural environment


  • Rural environment

    Drawing of rural soil use plans. Livestock trails cataloging. Livestock electronic identification. Vaccination campaigns. Collection and cremation of dead animals. Slurry treatment. Courses. Hostels management.

grupo eulen leisure sports culture infrastructure


  • Culture

    Monitoring service, customer service and maintenance of museums and cultural centers. Guided visits. Transportation and packing for exhibitions. Exhibition halls commercial exploitation. Theaters management. Cataloging and valuation of historical heritage.

  • Sports facilities

    Sports centers and public swimming pools. Sports courses and activities, readaptation of grass fields.

  • Exhibition sites/fairs

    Exhibition sites comprehensive management. Technical assistance. Facilities support management. Maintenance comprehensive services, fresh food markets and slaughterhouses cleaning and safety. Exploitation of marine water parks.

grupo eulen education infrastructure


  • Schools activities

    Comprehensive management of nursery schools and kindergartens. High school accompaniment monitors. Extracurricular activities teachers. Excursions organization. Social and educational workshops. Conferences. Management of sports centers and music schools.

  • Ancillary services

    Transportation services. Dining hall, laundry, nursing and psychology services. Playground assistants. Reprography and library management. Maintenance of sports fields, playgrounds and school gardens.

  • Vacation activities

    Urban camps, camping, languages studies abroad, summer courses and courses for foreigners.

  • Social and educational programs

    Prevention of violence. Control of absenteeism. Bullying. Eating disorders. Family support. Workshops and activities for environmental awareness.

grupo eulen municipal infrastructure


  • Cleaning

    Cleaning and treatment of floors. Window cleaning. Supply of cleaning products. Cleaning and restoration of facades. Waste management. Rodent control, disinfection and fumigation.

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance of heating and cooling systems, electrical installations, elevators and telecommunications. Preventive, corrective and routine maintenance. Implementation of management and remote management systems. Energy audits and energy efficiency studies.

  • Security

    Control of access. Surveillance services. Installation and maintenance of security systems. Information security. Fire fighting protection. Emergency and evacuation plan. Advising and consultancy services.

  • Auxiliary support services

    Customer care service and information. Concierge. Logistics and courier services. Management of municipal archive, documents digitalization. Data protection directive management, land registry and halls.

  • Facility Management

    Management of spaces Quality audits. Operational management of properties. Property management. Management and Project Management Sustainability and energy efficiency Strategic Consulting in FM Technical Consultancy.

grupo eulen citizens


  • Infancy

    Management of municipal nursery schools, kindergarten and social and educational centers. Monitors service for the Education and Childhood Department. Development of programs for the revitalization of childhood. Family care. Toy library. Babysitter.

  • Youth

    Assistance and advice in the development of socio-cultural and welfare projects for adolescents. Socio-educational intervention service with young people and families. Prevention programs. Management of Youth Centers.

  • The elderly

    Homecare. Home telecare, installation and maintenance. Day care centers management, adapted transportation and dining hall services. Nursing homes. Special care for dependent people. Social and educational activities in nursing homes.

  • Other groups

    Defense of users and customers’ rights. Citizen information helpline. Management for the collection of rates and taxes. Refuges for gender violence victims and abused children programs. Social and labor integration. Services for groups at risk of exclusion.

  • Health

    Primary health care. Social emergencies. Nursing, physical therapy, podiatry, ambulance and adapted transportation services.

grupo eulen urban transport


  • Bus stations and vehicles

    Bus stations and parking management. Municipal towing services. Parking meters. Vehicles collection and deposits. Abandoned vehicles management and scrapping. Collection and transportation of animals.

  • Bicycles

    Installation, management and maintenance of an automated bike rental system.

grupo eulen municipal HR


  • Training

    Training resources for new responsibilities. Career planning and professional improvement. Tutoring and mentoring.

  • Employability

    Employment information service. Study of geographic mobility.