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A sustainable present to change the future
The EULEN Group, Spain’s leader in the provision of services to companies with the aim of providing society with innovative services that entail useful, specialized and quality solutions, has presented a portfolio of Designed Services that help companies in any sector or activity to become more sustainable.

In this regard, the EULEN Group designs services from a sustainable perspective that avoid harmful practices from the outset, focusing on three aspects of sustainability: economic viability, through the sound and effective management of resources; respect for the environment, through the group’s engagement and commitment to the fight against climate change; and social welfare, ensuring the health of people, the integration of those at risk of exclusion, gender equality and job stability.

In its commitment to improving sustainability, the group has created services such as waste management and cleaning, the installation of forest green filters, active forests, electric mobility, the installation and maintenance of solar panels, biomass boilers and new workspaces— among other things. All of these make the EULEN Group a pioneer in launching more than a dozen services on the market that promote sustainability in a single portfolio, which together have positioned the company as a benchmark for "sustainable services" in the sector.

servicios sostenibles

With a view to deliver the best of itself, through a unique and customer-tailored solution, the EULEN Group is able to offer, thanks to its commitment to sustainability, truly innovative ideas and solutions that are capable of changing the rules of the game—partnerships between governments and companies, sectoral initiatives between companies, and technologies that make the impossible possible.


  • Waste management and cleaning
  • Carbon footprint calculations
  • Active forests
  • Forest Green Filters
  • Green filters with microalgae
  • Electric Mobility
  • Maintenance and environmental surveillance of wind farms
  • Facilities of solar panels for self-consumption
  • Mine rehabilitation
  • New workspaces
  • Equality plan consulting
  • Rural women
  • Comprehensive management of urban loneliness
  • Comprehensive circular maintenance

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The next 10 years have been defined as the decade of action to achieve the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

All these sustainable services reinforce our commitment to climate action and the promotion of green economies, in addition to being aligned with some of the 17 SDGs.

Cuadro ODS

The time to act is now, it is time for Services that are committed to sustainability.

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