Comprehensive risk consultancy

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With years of experience in understanding and working on the operational processes of companies in different industries, we now want to go a step further and offer greater added value services to your business.

Grupo EULEN is offering a Comprehensive Risk Consulting service, which covers risk identification and mitigation, business continuity management, process improvement and optimization and other services currently required by organizations to guarantee the efficiency, effectiveness and continuity of their operations.

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  • Awareness-raising and recognition for risk-related issues.
  • Continuity plan testing.
  • Training in emergency plans.

Audits and diagnoses:

  • Management systems.
  • Maturity models.
  • Identifying and closing existing gaps.
  • Supplier appraisal.

Consulting and implementation:

  • Improving and optimizing processes.
  • Identifying, analyzing and mitigating risks.
  • Elaboration and/or improvement of business continuity plans, disaster recovery and emergency response.
  • Corporate crisis management and handling.

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