Human resources


Our corporate culture is based on a commitment to creating a working environment in which all employees are treated fairly, with respect and dignity, with special attention to fostering equal opportunities and treatment for all employees without prejudice, removing all kinds of discrimination from the workplace, regardless of cause or origin.

An approach based on and showing particular sensitivity to social beliefs and action based on professional ethics is the fundamental element of our corporate practice.

Our commitment is also aimed at developing an environmental policy that minimizes the effect of our activities on our surroundings, based on strict compliance with current legislation.


With more than 50 years in business and presence in 14 countries, Grupo Eulen’s greatest asset is our people, who are key to our company. Consequently, one of the pillars of the Group’s approach is based on developing our employees.

Internal promotion within Grupo Eulen is based on the principles of ability, competence and professional merit. Decisions regarding this issue are made based on clear, objective and transparent criteria.

We regularly carry out individual evaluations at all levels of the group to review employees’ work, in order to identify those who show especially high levels of effort and/or potential for development.

Consequently, we work on different development programs with individuals from all the different groups within the organization who have shown – whether through results, efforts or potential – the capacity for carrying out different tasks and/or taking on new responsibilities.

We are constantly thinking about our employees’ interests based on the needs of the Group when covering new posts or positions anywhere in the world in which we operate.

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Students in the final years of study:

We sign collaboration agreements with the best universities and institutes in order to provide students in the final years of their studies with internship opportunities. You will find active offers to suit your studies and training throughout the year.

Send us your résumé and we will look at the possibility of offering you an internship in our headquarters or in one of our regional offices.

Experienced professionals:

We want experts like you. If what you like is working for a strong company, providing you with the opportunity to develop in a multidisciplinary and multinational environment, why not check out our job offers and add your résumé.

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We work according to a comprehensive motivational program, which aims to fulfil company goals aimed at employees, ensuring that:

  • Satisfaction levels with regards to working conditions increase.
  • Attitude regarding service improves.
  • Excellent work is recognized, and.
  • Personal and professional growth is incentivized.

Psychosocial Guidance

Grupo Eulen provides all employees with a personalized service providing psychological assessment and guidance, with direct assistance from professionals.

Formación en Grupo Eulen


Grupo Eulen considers training to be one of the pillars on which its business model rests.

While at the company, professional development is defined by the different training programs provided by the Group.


New employees:
Initial training to get in-depth knowledge not only of the department you are joining but also the rest of the company’s departments.

For development within the company:
Position-based programs: Supervisor School, Service Management Program, Sales Program. All programs are open to professionals currently occupying the specific positions and those preparing for these positions in the future.

Technical specialization:
We have a training catalog with more than 300 training activities, in an online format, based on employee specialization and adapted according to the needs of all our professionals.

Professional skills:
We have a Skills School to help your development, which is associated with the annual evaluations and the feedback process carried out after an evaluation.


We also have an online training center called Plataforma@prende for all those interested in its use.