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Our Telecommunications department is committed to innovation, developing services specialized in communications facilities and networks by applying the latest technology. The quality of our services is supported by the most demanding certification bodies.

  • FS&M
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • O.W.L.S.
  • Ancillary services
  • Maintenance

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  • Property maintenance

    Preventive and conductive maintenance. Spread property maintenance. Air conditioning systems, plumbing and electricity replacements. Incidents management. Systems design and installation. Execution of civil works. Elevator maintenance.

  • Property cleaning

    Prevention and control of legionella bacterium. Cleaning and disinfection of pipes, deposits and air circuits. General cleaning, special cleaning and escalators cleaning.

  • Environment

    Destruction environmental certificates. Waste management. Environmental hygiene in facilities Pest control. Emergency action plans.

  • Support services

    Removals and relocations. Furniture assembly and disassembly. Warehouse inventory and replacement. Registration, classification and delivery of documentation. Pouch services. Customer care and complaints management. Materials purchase. Access control.

  • Facility Management

    Service improvement proposals, audits and technical consultancy. Suppliers management. Property and wastes management. Licenses management. Removals. Construction works engineering. Energy Efficiency.

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  • Business Services

    Promotions in large supermarkets. Sales force. Marketing and telesales activities. Account receivables and debt collection management. Telephone greeting. Data recording. Equipments installation, repair and maintenance. Incidents management.