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The loyalty and trust of our customers is the best endorsement of our service in this field and Grupo EULEN and the different financial institutions’ mutual trust has been built over the years.

  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Ancillary Services
  • Maintenance
  • Environment
  • Healthcare

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Isolated or integrated services (Facility Services) in buildings

  • Cleaning

    Works cleaning, minor general maintenance, rugs, windows and partitions, Façade cleaning and restoration work, Supplying materials, Hygienic cleaning and environmental monitoring.

  • Environment

    Maintenance and replacement of indoor plants, Pest control.

  • Maintenance

    Corrective and predictive maintenance of facilities (plumbing, windows, locks, etc.)

  • Support services

    Reception, telephone assistance and information, Call monitoring, Janitor services, Handling of internal mail and documentation, Room management, photocopying and archiving, Furniture, Internal removals, Document destruction.

Facility Services outside buildings

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning of outside areas, Management of recycled waste.

  • Environment

    Comprehensive management of green outside areas.

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Specific services relating to the client’s main business

  • Property management

    Comprehensive maintenance of foreclosed properties, Administrative management of properties, Lettings management.

  • Charitable work

    Management of museums and exhibition spaces, Management of sports centers and educational institutions, Management of cultural heritage, Management of classrooms and training centers. On-site inspection and verification: inventories, surveys. Surveys, Loyalty programs.