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This service includes all cleaning work required for preserving, protecting and maintaining facilities. After assessing the specific needs of each customer, our specialists at EULEN Limpieza design, implement and execute a customized service, thereby ensuring an ideal level of cleaning, hygiene and disinfection.

The training we provide to the staff undertaking cleaning work, the machinery and material we use and the environmental management systems we apply to minimize the environmental impact keep us at the top of a sector in which we have long been pioneers.

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cleaning service


  • Maintenance cleaning: Inside cleaning of all types of buildings, offices, large shopping malls and leisure centers, museums, sports centers, airports, transport centers and methods, educational institutions, hotels and tourist accommodation.
  • General cleanings: Cleaning work arising from a specific situation normally related to an event or new build (new building works cleaning, alteration works, launches, major sporting and cultural events).
  • Special cleaning works: floor treatments, ceilings and suspended ceilings cleaning, escalators, elevators, rugs, upholstery, high-rise window cleaning and façade treatments.
  • Additional services: Integrated pest control, replacing of hygiene and bacteriostatic supplies and air fresheners.

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