General industrial cleaning

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We provide services for all industrial needs and cover all sectors, from manufacturing and electronic and medical device production to pharmaceuticals. All our activities have been tailored to suit our clients’ needs and our experience means we can provide quality services covered by the strictest safety measures and training programs for our employees.

Our aim is to achieve levels of cleanliness that guarantee the production process can be carried out as normal, while also ensuring the safety of the facilities and the people who work in them.

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  • Comprehensive factory cleaning:
    • Cleaning of machinery and process facilities.
    • Building cleaning.
    • Floor and walkway cleaning.
    • Cleaning services projects and design.
    • Resources optimization.
    • Services engineering.
  • Waste management:
    • Conditioning and collection of recyclable waste.
    • Integration for removal and transport to landfill.
    • Environmental management and documentation.
  • Other cleaning:
    • Road and path cleaning.
    • Collection of solid urban waste.

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Industrial, pharmaceutical, medical cleaning

We monitor everything when cleaning and disinfecting facilities and material in sectors that, due to their work, require a maximum level of hygiene.

Conventional Cleaning

EULEN Cleaning provides qualified staff and the latest technologies, offering comprehensive cleaning services that guarantee a hygienic and comfortable environment while showing respect for the environment.

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