Conservation of green areas

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EULEN’s contribution to creating new green areas, as well as the quality of our maintenance work based on sustainability criteria, has earned the acknowledgment of clients and users and complies with all applicable occupational, health and safety and environmental legislation.

Our 15 years of experience and our commitment to the environment makes us specialists in nature. An environmentally-friendly approach is an active principle for us and we provide companies and public bodies with the best human and technical resources in order to protect, embellish and maintain our environment.

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  • Plant maintenance.
  • Tree pruning.
  • Plant replacement.
  • Urban furniture maintenance.
  • Playground maintenance.
  • Maintenance of urban furniture.
  • Parks and gardens maintenance.
  • Parks and gardens maintenance.
  • Cleaning, maintenance and preservation of beaches and their infrastructure..
  • Maintenance of sports facilities and fitness elements in office or residential condominiums.
  • Maintenance of ornamental fountains.

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Org. Local Government Official

We support committed and efficient management of public resources, providing assistance to different bodies and institutions connected to local and regional governments.

Org. Central Government Official

The quality of our services, the transparency of our management and our commitment to society are our client’s guarantees.

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