Hospital healthcare

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Our knowledge of hospital management means we can offer a wide range of services to efficiently manage small and large hospitals and attend to the needs of patients, their families and staff, both in the facilities and at home.

  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Ancillary services
  • Maintenance
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
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  • External Services

    Medical homecare in coordination with the hospital Preventive health care. Comprehensive care for chronic patients. Telecare. Home care. Medical transport. Home palliatives.

  • Outpatient appointments

    Waiting list management, Diary management, Management of reports and complementary tests, Staff management.



  • Administration

    Appointments and admissions, Personal information for patients and family members, Call center.

  • Archive management: medical records

    Receiving, searching and distributing medical records.



  • Minor preventative and corrective maintenance

  • Cleaning

    • Critical or high risk areas: operating rooms, delivery rooms, trauma rooms, ICU.
    • Semi-critical or moderate risk areas: Radiodiagnostics service, Laboratories, Endoscopy, Emergency areas, Pathological anatomy, Mortuary, Rehabilitation, External consultation areas, Other hospitalization areas, Pharmacy.
    • General or low risk areas: Management and administration, Doctors’ staff rooms, Archive of medical records, Communal areas, Kitchens, dining rooms and offices, Laundry, Changing rooms and bathrooms, Workshops, Stores, Technical areas, Outdoor and roads, Parking, Pavements, Roofs and patios.
    • Garden areas: lawn and hedges: Fertilizers, Irrigation, Mowing, Trimming and pruning, Replacement of plants, Weeding, Digging and raking, Maintenance of street furniture and playgrounds.
    • Footpaths and roads: Road cleaning.
  • Comprehensive security (convergence)

    • Surveillance services: Surveillance and protection of persons and real estate property. People’s access control. Access control of materials, correspondence and parcels. Internal-external patrols and rounds.
    • Security systems: Management of video surveillance rooms.
  • Rodent control, disinfection and pest control

    • Preliminary inspection: Identification of species and problems (hygiene, sanitation, structural) for each area (inside and outside), Definition of high risk areas according to the proliferation of appropriate conditions for plague development.
    • Preventative measures: Proposed storage and cleaning measures required by each facility.
    • Intervention program: Species identification, Rating pests, Impact of the pests, Control methods.
    • Control of the results: Periodic inspection, Report on the status of actions taken, Report on pest activity.
  • Comprehensive waste management

    • Management of recycling services, storage and transportation of waste.



  • Laboratories

    Diary management and waiting list.

  • Diagnostic Imaging

    Diary management and waiting list.

  • Sterilization

    Comprehensive sterilization service management. Technical management guarantor of the process. Cold and steam sterilization. Collection, transport and distribution of material. Preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment. Staff management and training. Process traceability control.