Food industry (agri-food)

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Only by bringing together a series of effectively undertaken activities can we get the best results in a food industry facility.

EULEN’s work is about integrating all services under a single point of contact.

In light of its responsibility for guaranteeing the hygiene of the food processing industry, Grupo EULEN has developed a model based on Comprehensive Hygiene Management in the Food Industries. This model covers all aspects aimed at removing biological, physical and chemical dangers and adopts the necessary actions to ensure the safety of the food produced. It sets up practical measures and actions to stop or minimize the many transmission routes for microorganisms and this way, prevents food-associated risks. Grupo EULEN’s presence throughout the country offers important synergies for facilitating Comprehensive Hygiene Management, with the consequent positive effect on the quality of the process as a whole.

  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Ancillary services
  • Maintenance
  • Environment
  • Healthcare

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grupo eulen agro-food industry buildings


Isolated or integrated services (Facility Services) in buildings

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning at works, general maintenance, wall-to-wall carpets, windows and screens. Cleaning and restoration of facades. Supply of hygiene products Hygienic cleaning and environmental control.

  • Environment

    Maintenance and replacement of indoor plants. Pest control.

  • Maintenance

    Minor preventative and corrective facility maintenance (handyman).

  • Security

    Access control. Surveillance.

  • Support services

    Reception, telephone assistance and information, Call monitoring, Janitor services, Handling of internal mail and documentation, Room and archive management, Document destruction.

Isolated or integrated services (Facility Services) in the exterior of buildings

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning of outside areas.

  • Environment

    Comprehensive management of outside green areas: earthwork, irrigation systems, civil works, Maintenance of lighting, decorative fountains and pumps.

 grupo eulen agro-food industry production areas


Specific activities within the client’s main activity

  • Hygienic cleaning

    Hygienic facility design, Cleaning of production lines, work stations, communal areas, structures and clean rooms, Chemical cleaning, Industrial waste management.