Medical, electronic, pharmaceutical industry

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Behind the daily work of laboratories working with pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food for at-risk groups and manufacturing or assembling medical or electronic devices, there are many different activities that need to work perfectly. EULEN’s work deals with integrating several of these activities under a single point of contact. We have spent more than 54 years offering services to companies in these fields, based on each one’s specific needs, developing and implementing techniques that guarantee their production processes. We have professional teams with experience in all industries who ensure all related regulations are met and guarantee access to everything we may need to help you place your trust in us.

  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Ancillary services
  • Maintenance
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Soluciones RRHH

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Facility Services inside buildings

  • Cleaning

    Works cleaning, minor general maintenance, rugs, windows and partitions, Façade cleaning and restoration work, Supplying materials, Hygienic cleaning and environmental monitoring.

  • Environment

    Maintenance and replacement of indoor plants, Pest control.

  • Maintenance

    Minor preventative and corrective facility maintenance (handyman).

  • Security

    Access control, Surveillance.

  • Support services

    Reception, telephone assistance and information, Call monitoring, Janitor services, Handling of internal mail and documentation, Room management, photocopying and archiving, Furniture, Internal removals, Document destruction.

Facility Services outside buildings

  • Cleaning

    • Cleaning of outside areas.
  • Maintenance

    Maintenance and repair work on outside fencing.

  • Security

    External access control, Surveillance patrols, Facilities surveillance.

  • Environment

    Comprehensive management of green outside areas.



Specific services relating to the client’s main activity

  • Hygienic cleaning

    Cleaning of production lines, work stations, communal areas, structures and clean rooms, Waste management.

  • Internal logistics services

    Truck weighing management.



  • HR Services

    Consulting, training and coaching, Selection and provision of professionals, Job-specific training, Occupational risk prevention.

  • Business process outsourcing

    Field-based inspections and verification: inventories, surveys, loyalty programs. Other services: logistics brokers, remote advice, mystery shopper, surveys.