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The Intelligence Unit at EULEN Security, EULENInt, is a supplier of intelligence services of global reference. Intelligence is the process by which information to be processed, analyzed and interpreted is obtained, being distributed as a product of value to decision makers so that decisions are made with information superiority in terms of operations and at a strategic level. Information and intelligence services of EULENInt are aimed at integrating both the safety of tangible assets (infrastructure, personnel, operations, logistics) and intangible assets (corporate reputation, knowledge base) and the processes to ensure continuity of business operations. EULENInt provides intelligence services in two different areas: Operational Intelligence and Business Intelligence. Request information and quotation See more

grupo eulen intelligence security grupo eulen intelligence unit


  • Open-source intelligence.
  • Social networks intelligence.
  • Estimative and prospective intelligence.
  • Reputational intelligence.
  • Logistical intelligence.
  • Competitive intelligence.
  • Cyber-Intelligence.
  • International Security and Expatriates.

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