Corporate Social Responsibility

The quality of our services are properly certified, the transparency of our management, the commitment to permanence with society and respect for the environment, are the basis on which the corporate responsibility policies EULEN settle. These policies are essential to business strategy and they affect our relationship with society, employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers. An ethics committee monitors periodically its fulfillment and the management of the company has promoted the practice of these principles through the allocation of the required resources.

Grupo EULEN, through its commitment to the Global Compact makes a commitment to support, promote and disseminate the fundamental principles of human rights, labor practices, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Our vision is to provide services that society demands creating value, ethical and social commitment and respect for the environment. Our mission is that these services are of quality and contribute to improve the development and welfare of the people, with the least possible environmental impact.

Our Code of Principles and Values includes the set of criteria that should guide the behavior of all employees of Grupo EULEN in their professional activity.

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