Hotel and accommodation sector

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EULEN is in charge of managing all aspects of the industry, relating to the establishment and its staff as well as the guests staying at the accommodation: cleaning, security, maintenance, HR, etc.

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grupo eulen hospitality buildings


Facility Services inside buildings

  • Cleaning

    Works cleaning, minor general maintenance, rugs, windows and partitions, Façade cleaning and restoration work, Supplying materials, Hygienic cleaning and environmental monitoring.

  • Environment

    Maintenance and replacement of indoor plants. Environmental hygiene: audits, environmental surveillance, radiation and water monitoring. Certifications. Pest control.

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance and replacement of indoor plants, Pest control.

  • Security

    • Access control, Surveillance.
  • Support services

    Reception, telephone assistance and information, Call monitoring, Janitor services, Handling of internal mail and documentation, Room and archive management, Furniture, Internal removals, Document destruction.

Facility Services outside buildings

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning of outside areas.

  • Security

    External access control, Surveillance patrols.

  • Environment

    Comprehensive management of green outside areas: earthwork, irrigation systems, Maintenance of lighting, decorative fountains and pumps.

grupo eulen customer areas and hotel users


Specific services for the client’s main activity

  • Customer’s area service

    Cleaning of communal and sports areas, Rodent control, pest prevention.

  • Support services

    Bellboy services, Comprehensive management of sports and spa facilities, Childcare facilities.