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The mining industry finds, in the specialist services provided by Grupo EULEN, the required flexibility for sustainable operations, optimizing resources according to their needs, which leads to competitive production in the market.

  • FS&M
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Ancillary services
  • Maintenance
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Solutions HR

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Isolated or comprehensive services (Facility Services) in buildings or site offices

  • Cleaning

    Site cleaning, maintenance, general, carpets, windows and screens. Cleaning and facade restoration. Material supply. Hygienic cleaning and environmental control.

  • Environmental

    Maintenance and repositioning of indoor plants. Environmental hygiene: audits, environmental surveillance, radiation and water monitoring. Certification. Pest control.

  • Maintenance

    Technical-Legal preventative maintenance. Routine, corrective and predictive facility maintenance using analysis techniques and CMMS and CAT systems. Energy services. Reconditioning work. Project execution. Network, telephone management, etc.

  • Security

    Consulting. Access control. Surveillance. Bodyguards. Installing and maintaining security systems. Information security. Fire prevention. Buildings emergency plan.

  • Support services

    Reception, telephone and information assistance. Call monitoring. Concierge services. Mail and document management. Management of rooms, copying services and archives. Furniture. Removals. Storage. Document destruction. Medical service.

Isolated or integrated services (Facility Services) outside buildings or site offices

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning of outdoor areas. Solid urban waste collection. Cleaning of sanitation networks. TV inspection and leak detection. Blast cleaning.

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance and repairing of outdoor fencing. Inspection and maintenance of outdoor hydrants.

  • Security

    Monitoring of external access points. Surveillance patrols. Installation and maintenance of perimeter detection systems.

  • Environment

    Comprehensive management of outdoor green spaces: movement of land, irrigation system, civil works. Installation and maintenance of lighting, ornamental fountains and pumping facilities.



Specific services for searches and prospecting, exploration, exploitation and closure of mines

  • Industrial cleaning

    • Indoor cleaning: Surface cleaning, vehicles, plant and machinery. Custodial and site cleaning. Environmental hygiene. Supply of hygiene material. Cleaning of conveyor belts and sediments.
    • Outdoor cleaning: Windows and facades. Waste management and compaction. Road cleaning.
    • Environmental health: Cleaning and disinfection. Insect removal and fumigation. Cleaning and disinfection of chambers. Maintenance of green zones. Pest control.
  • Industrial maintenance

    • Facilities maintenance: Heating. Electricity. Building work. Carpentry. Painting. Routine, corrective and predictive maintenance. Electromedical and hospital equipment maintenance.
    • Development and implementation: Building work and facility refurbishment. Routine, corrective and predictive maintenance plans. Mobile telephone networks. Legislation and design projects. Mining and industrial maintenance management. Civil works.
    • Energy efficiency: Energy services company. Energy audit. Consulting and design projects. Implementation of energy efficiency improvement measures. Verification and measuring (EVO). Energy systems auditors ISO 50001.
  • Industrial security

    • Physical surveillance: Access control. Surveillance. Monitoring.
    • Security systems: Electronic security. Security systems. CCTV system.
    • Other security services: Credentials system. Risk management system (new staff member). Control and maintenance of Roman balance.
  • Ancillary services

    • Mining development: Blasting. Placing of mesh and bolts.
    • General services: Ventilation, drainage and hoisting.
    • Benefits: Smelting, purifying and refining metals.
    • Mineral transportation: Transport management and logistics.
    • Mineral commercialization: Management and support for mineral sales.
  • Auxiliary services

    • Assistance and information: Home deliveries. Call center.
    • Passenger services: Guides. Route optimization. Plant operators. Weighmasters. Big bag checks. Laboratory assistants. Sample analysis.
    • General services: Document reading and distribution. Concierge, cash desk and toll collection services. Supermarket shelf stacker services. Concierges. Truck driver’s mate. Wine cellar checks. Social club, movie theater and cafeteria administrators. Transportation for civil servants and hosting of camps.


Support services for client activity

  • HR services

    Consulting, training and coaching. Selection and provision of professional profiles. Specific training for the position. Workplace risk prevention services.

  • Business process outsourcing (BPO)

    • Business process management: billing, paychecks, document digitalization. Vehicles. Audits. Accounting. Treasurership. Advisory service. Insurance. Advertising.
    • On-site inspection and verification: inventories, audits. Surveys.
    • Telemarketing and sales force: post-sales and loyalty. Databases. Payments and complaints. Promotions. Call center.
    • Other services: logistics brokers. Remote advisor. Mystery shopper. Surveys. Loyalty programs.
  • CSR support

    Social, work-related, environmental and cultural. Audits: legal compliance. Supervision of working conditions. Monitoring resource and waste management. Supply chain control. Company association strategies.



With its Total Facility Management services, Grupo EULEN provides your company with comprehensive management of resources, allowing you to focus all your efforts on your mining operations and related activities.

Contribution made by the FM structure. Analysis and definition of service levels and compliance. Incident management. Improvement proposal. Manuals. Quality control. Property management. Integrated IT system. Comprehensive service management. Support services.