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We keep your hotel in perfect shape

Our housekeeping service and management model responds to the needs of our most demanding clients.

Through our EULEN Hotels division, we offer extensive experience, rigor and professionalism in management and organizational tasks for your hotel’s guest floors and common areas department, as well as other auxiliary tasks that may be needed.

We know what your hotel needs, just ask

Our clients’ full satisfaction can only be achieved through completely adapted integral solutions, which depend, to a large extent on the ability to outsource certain services to a team that offers trust, flexibility and commitment, like the one at EULEN Hotels

Have faith in our experience— we are experts in responding to the needs of hotel companies that, like yours, want to increasingly guarantee a level of innovation and specialization. In short, those who want to take on the new challenges in the market.

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Areas of specialization:

  • Room cleaning

  • – Cleaning at check out and cleaning for guests.
    – Indoor and outdoor cleaning service. 

  • Cleaning of important interior and exterior areas.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning service, and supervision of external laundry service.
  • Sanitizing of spa areas and gyms.
  • Dishwashing service. 

  • Steward service. 

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Conventional Cleaning

EULEN Cleaning relies on qualified personnel and cutting edge technologies, providing full cleaning services that guarantee hygienic and comfortable spaces without damaging the environment.

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