Critical infrastructure protection

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Specialists in securing high-risk installations

EULEN Seguridad offers a comprehensive service that includes the design, implementation and execution of protection measures, surveillance and security systems for critical infrastructure and installations, as well as assisting in the preparation and review of specific security and protection plans. In short, a collaborator who will try to reduce risks as much as possible to protect the well-being of their employees and the integrity of their installations.

EULEN Seguridad personnel’s vision and experience has helped to position us as a trusted ally in the protection of critical infrastructures in accordance with current legislation and the highest standards of efficiency and quality.

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grupo eulen empresa de seguridad privada

grupo eulen empresa seguridad privada

Specific services:

  • Collaboration on the creation or revision of the operator’s safety plan.
  • Collaboration on the selection and adoption of the methodology used in carrying out the comprehensive risk analysis for incorporation into the PSO (Operator Safety Plan) and subsequent use in the preparation of the PPE (Specific Protection Plans). All this framed with internationally recognized standards such as an ISO model (International Organization for Standardization).
  • Collaboration on the creation of specific protection plans.
  • Collaboration on the creation and execution of a management model for the PSO and PPE revision and update.
  • Implementation, management and maintenance of protection measures derived from security plans for the protection of critical infrastructures.
  • Surveillance services for high-risk facilities, in accordance with PIC (Critical Infrastructure Protection) legislation.
  • Installation and maintenance of security systems for high-risk installations.

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