Hospital healthcare

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Our knowledge of the sector allows us to offer a broad portfolio of services to efficiently manage small and large hospitals and meet the needs of patients, families and staff both at the actual centers and at home.

  • FS&M
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Ancillary services
  • Maintenance
  • Environment
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  • Home healthcare

    Medical homecare in coordination with the hospital Preventive health care. Comprehensive care for chronic patients. Telecare. Home care. Medical transport. Home palliatives.

  • Health Emergencies

    Medicalized urgent medical transport (Mobile intensive care unit) Organization and management of the home emergency service.

  • Training, education and leisure time

    Hospital schools (management and coordination of educational subjects, selection and recruitment of teachers, playgroups, family support for complementary activities). Parents’ school. Self-help groups.

  • Other external services

    Courier service. Communications management. Comprehensive management of institutional events. Telephone switchboard, staff and maintenance management.

  • Day hospital centers

    Oncology. Geriatrics. Psychiatric.

  • External consultations

    Waiting list management. Appointments management. Management of reports and additional tests. Staff management.



  • Administration

    Appointments and admission. Personal Information to patients and families. Call Center. Hospital administration and “back office” outsourcing. Patient care. Management. Quality control system. Staff recruitment. Administration.

  • File management: medical records

    Definition of active and passive archive. Transfer of Exitus to the passive archive. Unification and integration of medical records’ duplicates. Barcode management. Installation of computer management system of medical records. Reception, search and distribution of medical records. Digitalization of medical records.

  • Logistics and purchases

    Reception, reviewing, location, labeling and distribution of goods. Installation and maintenance of a computerized warehouse management system. Stocks management. Distribution of the goods ordered by the different hospital departments.

  • Management of orderlies

    Accompaniment of patients to practices. Management of documentation between departments or practices. Remittance to the corresponding laboratory for urgent analysis. Collection and delivery in the XR consultation at destiny.

  • Selection and holiday reliefs

    Recruitment, selection, hiring and providing for medical staff. “E-recruitment” system adapted to the health sector.



  • Preventive, corrective and technical-legal maintenance

    • Facilities generating heat and cold: Thermal plant. Distribution network of Hot water for sanitary use. Distribution network for steam. Refrigerated plant. Air conditioning and air treatment installation.
    • Fire protection facilities: Automatic fire detection system. Portable fire extinguishers. Installation of hose reels. Pumps and pressure groups.
    • General electrical installations: Low voltage electrical installation. Processing center. Low voltage electrical panel. Electric generators. Lightning protection. Indoor and outdoor lighting.
    • Electromedical facilities: Wave and radiation therapy equipment, radiology and XR processors, cardiology, ultrasound and electrocardiographs. Defibrillators. Monitoring equipment. Respirators, electrocardiographs and electroencephalographs. Laboratory equipment, operating room and ICU. General medical gas installation.
    • Energy efficiency studies: Studies of the current situation. Improvement proposals for energy saving.
    • Sanitation and plumbing facilities: General sanitation installation (drains, septic tanks, etc.). General plumbing installation (valves, faucets, showers, etc.).
    • Other works: Elevators. Works and new facilities. Improvement works.
      Carpentry, masonry, locksmith, painting, etc.
  • Cleaning

    • Critical or high risk areas: clean rooms: Operating rooms, recovery rooms. Delivery rooms. ICU. Sterilization.
    • Semi-critical or moderate risk areas: Radiodiagnostics service. Laboratories. Endoscopy. Emergency areas. Pathological anatomy. Mortuary. Rehabilitation. External consultation areas. Other patient hospitalization areas. Pharmacy.
    • General or low risk areas: Management and administration. Doctors’ staff room. Archive of medical records . Public areas. Kitchens, dining rooms, offices. Laundry. Changing rooms and toilets. Workshops. Stores. Technical rooms. Outdoor and roads. Parking. Pavements. Roofs and patios.
  • Comprehensive gardening

    • Garden areas: lawn and hedges: Fertilizers. Irrigation. Mowing. Trimming and pruning. Weeding. Digging and raking. Replacement of plants. Clearing works. Pesticide treatments. Plant cleaning and care of gardens. Maintenance of street furniture and playgrounds.
    • Footpaths and roads: Road cleaning.
  • Comprehensive security (convergence)

    • Surveillance services: Surveillance and protection of persons and real estate property. People’s access control. Access control of materials, correspondence and parcels. Internal-external patrols and rounds.
    • Security systems: Installation and maintenance of security systems. Connection to CRA Systems. Video-surveillance.
    • IT security systems: Management of LOPD (adequacy and compliance). IT Security (test of Intrusion, securing networks and secure server configuration.
    • Emergencies and drills: Design of emergency plan. Design of evacuation plan. Implementation and training. Execution of drills. Management / support for all IT applications. Management / update of planimetry of the center and all its facilities.
  • Radiological protection

    • Radiological Control: Quality control of X-ray facilities. Tightness testing of sealed sources. Measurements of radiation levels.
    • Training courses: For supervisors and operators of radioactive facilities. For managing and operating medical radiodiagnosis installations.
    • Preparation and processing of radiological information: Operation, modification and decommissioning of authorizations. Declarations for the X-ray facilities’ register. Mandatory annual reports.
    • Advice and management before government agencies: Supply and filling in the operations journal. Application for licenses of supervisors and operators.
    • Response to radiological emergencies.
  • Prevention of Legionnaire’s disease

    • Shock treatment.. Cleaning and disinfection of: Cooling towers and air conditioning circuits. Hot water for sanitary use systems (pipes, tanks, showers, etc.) Cold water systems for human consumption (wells, distribution networks, etc.).
    • Preventative maintenance of cooling towers: Biocide dosage. Control Analysis of Legionnaires’ disease. Microbiological and physical-simian analysis. Training courses for the prevention of the Legionnaires’ disease.
  • Catering

    • Management external cafeterias. Management of staff cafeterias and staff on duty food. Comprehensive catering for patients: design, preparation and distribution.
  • Rodent control, disinfection and pest control

    • Preliminary Inspection: Identification of species and problems (hygiene, sanitation, structural) for each area (interior and exterior) Definition of the points of high risk according to the proliferation of appropriate conditions plague development.
    • Preventive measures: Proposed storage and cleaning measures required by each of the facilities.
    • Intervention program: Species identification. Rating the plague. Impact of the plague. Methods of control.
    • Control of the results: Periodic inspection. Report on the status of actions taken. Report on the activity of the plagues.
  • Comprehensive waste management

    • Reduction and recycling services, separation, selection of containers, storage and transportation of waste: Sanitary waste similar to urban waste (Group I) Non-specific sanitary waste (Group II) Specific sanitary waste (Group III) Infectious waste (RBE) Special waste.
  • Comprehensive management of laundry and linen

    • Collection of dirty clothes. Transport to washing facilities. Classification. Washing, disinfection, drying, ironing, finishing and packaging. Reception of clean clothes. Warehousing. Plant distribution and warehouse management.


  • Laboratories

    Diary management and waiting list.

  • Diagnostic Imaging

    Diary management and waiting list.

  • Pharmacy

    Organization and management of the pharmacy warehouse. Medicine distribution system . Purchase of medicine. Traceability. Patient safety.

  • Sterilization

    Comprehensive sterilization service management. Technical management guarantor of the process. Cold and steam sterilization. Collection, transport and distribution of material. Preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment. Staff management and training. Process traceability control.

  • Comprehensive management of laundry and linen

    Collection of dirty clothes. Transport to washing facilities. Classification. Washing, disinfection, drying, ironing, finishing and packaging. Reception of clean clothes. Warehousing. Plant distribution and warehouse management.



  • Surgical block

    Operating rooms. Reanimation unit.

  • Maternal and child

    Obstetrics. Gynecology. Neonatology. Pediatrics.

  • Nursing services

    Management of the nursing staff. Management of the auxiliary staff.

  • Medical / hospitalization area

    Organization and management of services: Internal medicine, cardiology, pneumology, geriatrics, hematology, nephrology, digestive, etc.

  • Others

    Emergencies. Coronary care. Intensive care unit (ICU). Rehabilitation.