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These services cover organizing, managing and providing assistance in health and care centers for healthy people who prefer to have 24-hour help from professionals with gerontological and geriatric training. We also provide support for dependent groups (elderly people, persons with disabilities or mental health disorders).

Day center management aims to provide elderly people with the option of remaining with their families and in their communities while preventing the overloading of family support structures. EULEN is also responsible for the total or partial management of 24-hour comprehensive care centers, which allow for the personal development of residents.

Senior residents in good health live temporarily or permanently in these facilities, as well as individuals with some of degree of dependence, mental health disorders or people with physical or psychological disabilities who require continuous assistance in their daily activities.

Our functions:

Social and Healthcare:

  • Activities for promoting stability with regards to cognitive and motor function.
  • Psychological support, assistance.
  • Control therapies for (former) addicts.
  • Cardiovascular risk monitoring.
  • Talks by professionals in the fields of healthcare, gerontology and geriatrics and experts in free time and social network promotion, who promote biological and emotional health, empowering Seniors to recover quality of life.

General Services:

  • Cafeteria and nutrition.
  • Restaurants and catering, laundry, cleaning, private security.

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  • Care homes, day centers and assisted living apartments for seniors.
  • Occupational training centers, assisted living accommodation for persons with physical and mental disabilities.

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