Training, education and leisure services

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The mission of the educational area of EULEN Healthcare Services is to promote the development and ability of each child in all their dimensions, encouraging learning, values, customs and behaviors, involving parents as primary educators of their children, and children and young people as key actors in their comprehensive training.

These services include educational care of the smallest children by managing centers, developing support activities and educational reinforcement, intervention in problems arising around the educational activity and reinforcement of skills and competencies.

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  • Management of preschools.
  • Social and educational workshops.
  • Hospital classrooms.
  • Complementary activities and play centers.
  • Educational assistants.
  • Day care classrooms.
  • Learning support.
  • Programs for absenteeism and bullying.
  • Violence prevention programs.
  • Special education needs support.
  • Family support.
  • Street workers.

(Quality certifications: Excellence EFQM+400, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 e ISO 27001:2005).

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