Social Services, Public Sector

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Elderly, children, female victims of gender violence, immigrants, groups at risk of social exclusion … Grupo EULEN has developed a services portfolio that reflects its ethical commitment to the development and welfare of people.

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  • Ancillary Services
  • Healthcare
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grupo eulen home services


  • Home help services (all profiles)

    Personal care. Home support. Carrying out shopping, pharmacy … Psychosocial care and accompaniments. Adapting the environment. Meals, laundry, chiropody and hairdressing at home.

  • Telecare (all profiles)

    Installation and maintenance of equipment Alarm care. Social and health prevention programs. Coordination with emergencies. User monitoring Management of programmed messages. Primary care at home. Location service.

grupo eulen community services


  • Socio-professional reintegration

    Pre-employment workshops. Acquisition of social skills. Specific training workshops. Design of work itinerary. Agreements and employment prospecting.

  • Care for risk groups

    Care for vagrants and the homeless. Care services to women who are victims of gender violence. Detection and dealing with duplicates and their unification and integration into a single clinical history. Care for children at risk, minorities and immigrants.

grupo eulen care facilities


  • 24 hour care

    Residences for the Elderly Supervised or monitored housing. Serviced apartments. CEEM (mental health). CRMF (physical disability). CAMP (intellectual disability). Care centers for immigrants, risk groups and minors.

  • Day care

    Day centers. CRIS or CRPS (psychosocial integration centers for the mentally ill). Occupational centers (intellectual disability). Special employment centers. Homes, community centers and clubs. Care centers and information to groups.

grupo eulen educational and training services


  • Educational

    Infant Schools. Play centers Preventive programs. Street education. Coexistence and integration programs. Learning support. Support monitors for children with disabilities.

  • Training

    Training for adoptive parents. Training of groups for integration into the job market. Certificates for social service professionals. Training for family and professionals in social, health and educational services.