Maritime safety

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EULEN Safety is the first Spanish safety company that is authorized by the Department of the Interior to provide maritime safety and protection services. Our services are a reference in the market and a guarantee of a safe crossing everywhere in the world, protecting both assets and crew from aggressions, such as piracy.

Our broad experience in the protection of vessels flying the national flag or an international flag has helped us to develop a high degree of specialization.

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grupo eulen maritime safety

grupo eulen maritime safety services


  • Design, planning and execution of protection, safety and logistics operations in maritime environments.
  • Safety services for vessels, crew, passengers and cargoes.
  • Armed/unarmed security equipments.
  • Maritime protection with destroyer escorts.
  • Support in the security of the operations carried out by vessels from land and/or air in risk environments.
  • Security intelligence support and command and control design for maritime safety operations. Security communications.
  • Supply of materials, different equipment and solution of logistical problems in risk areas.

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