Ethical code

Grupo EULEN is governed by a set of principles and values that make up the code of conduct that all employees adhere and that includes the set of values, principles and criteria that should guide their behavior in the exercise of professional activity.

Product acceptance implies adherence to a framework of values that ensures the possibility of performing your work in an environment of absolute respect for the individual, society and the environment.

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Grupo EULEN provides you with several channels for making a complaint.

Through this claims inbox, the EULEN Group wants to provide a channel of communication with its bodies of governance which can be used as an instrument to complain about any irregularity or behavior contrary to the law, the principles included in the Code of Ethics of the Group, or any behavior that may give rise to any kind of crime being committed. The complainant shall fill out the form with their data (fields with an * are obligatory).

Claims can also be made by sending an email to the email address or via a letter addressed to the Ethics Committee of the EULEN Group, C/ Gobelas, 25-27, 28023 Madrid.
In order to be processed, the complaints must identify the complainant and the person or group being complained about, and must contain a list of events and arguments and, where applicable, proof which supports the complaint.

The complaints shall be transferred, as they apply, to the Ethics Committee or the Group’s Crime Prevention Committee, which will be in charge of processing, preparing and investigating the complaint, and adopting the appropriate measures. The complainant may provide an email address in order to stay informed about the processing and resolution of the complaint.
In any case, the EULEN Group guarantees the confidentiality of the complaints that it receives. The complainant may at any time exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition which legally belong to them, by sending a letter to the attention of EULEN Group, Data Protection Management, Calle Gobelas 25-27, 28023 Madrid.