Facility Management

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EULEN Facility Management & Consulting helps the core business of companies with the management and performance of their properties, adapting them at all times to the strategy of the company and providing the best conditions available to their employees at the lowest costs. Apart from this area of activities, we also plan and control services -rendered by Grupo EULEN or by other suppliers, my means of an agent or a facility manager.

The purpose is always to reach rationalization and optimization in order to improve quality and the global cost of the outsourced services. This approach can be applied to infrastructures such as factories and production centers, schools and universities, hotels, health centers, hospital facilities and laboratories, airports and stations, banks…

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grupo eulen facility management

facility managment and consulting


  • Management of services rendered by Grupo EULEN or by outsourcing companies.
  • Management of spaces.
  • Audits for quality of services.
  • Operational management of properties.
  • Property management.
  • Management and project management.
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Strategic consulting in FM.
  • Technical consultancy.

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