Comprehensive management of cultural heritage (EULEN Art)

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Specialists in the comprehensive management of auxiliary services for movable cultural heritage. A company that is known for its professionalism and transparency, in the service of institutions and individuals who preserve and disseminate art and culture.

Our technicians are specialists, who ensure excellence in the service, tailored to the needs of each of our customers. Interdisciplinary team EULEN Art consultant, consisting of top experts, inspire quality work with the thoroughness, care and customization that each collection and piece requires.

We offer all solutions so that they can be applied to services in a single dialogue. In us you will find the perfect partner to identify, preserve, management and enhance your assets, obtaining greater profitability.

Customers EULEN Art are financial institutions, private collectors, corporations, foundations, cultural and religious institutions or public organisations. In short, all those committed to the preservation and dissemination of historical and artistic heritage character.

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  • ­Cataloguing and inventory:
    • Identification and quantification of assets.
    • Cataloguing of the works.
    • Classification of capital assets.
    • Analysis of imbalances.
    • Design and development of collection maps.
    • Systematization of information for publications.
    • Implementation of the In Patrimonium system.
    • Access to cataloguing 24/7.
  • ­Appraisals and valuations:
    • Artistic and historical analysis.
    • Economic valuation benchmark.
    • Analysis of source and traceability.
    • Purchase and sales studies.
  • ­Restoration and conservation:
    • Paper, metals, bone, ivory, sculpture, textiles, paintings, photography and the like.
    • Archaeological in the field and laboratory.
    • Digital media.
    • Preventive conservation programs.
    • Physical and chemical analysis.
    • Chemical pest control.
    • Non-chemical pest control.
  • ­­Museography and museology (events, activities and programs):
    • Idea, concept and execution.
    • Management of exhibition areas.
    • Cultural programs, routes and itineraries.
    • Permanent and temporary events.
    • Audiovisual, multimedia, on-line, educational projects.
  • ­­Public awareness and dissemination:
    • Creation of promotional material.
    • Teaching resources.
    • Design and preparation of catalogues.
    • Commemorative books, monographs and articles.
    • Design and production of stationery.
    • Audiovisual and documentaries.
    • Multimedia applications.
    • Creating visual identities and promotional actions.
  • ­­Management services:
    • Specialized transport.
    • Handling (nail to nail).
    • Special packaging according to the characteristics.
    • Special framing.
    • Assembly and location.
    • Warehousing and storage.
    • Measures and advanced security technology, authentication and preventive conservation.
    • Rescue Archaeology.
    • Rescue and Evacuation Plans.
  • ­Legal and tax advice:
    • Purchase-sale, mandate and deposit contracts.
    • Intellectual property.
    • International transport and trade.
    • Rental of works.
    • Exchange of artworks.
    • Plundering and forgery.
    • Taxation, patronage and insurance management.

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Professionalism is an art.

EULEN Art is a company specializing in the comprehensive management of movable cultural heritage. We have a high-level team of experts and are committed to providing the tailor-made services every client, collection and piece require. This is joined by our extensive experience and excellence-based approach, making us the professionals on whom you would like to count. And if you want to work with us, do not hesitate to send us your CV.

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