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The model of services used in our Comprehensive Safety Control Center (CSCC) has been developed by means of the application of the convergence of security paradigm, which allows us to provide and manage different safety services from the same center. These services include both physical and logical safety.

Safety is managed in a proactive way and from a comprehensive approach from the CSCC, which allows us to provide a fast and effective response to any safety incident that could take place.

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grupo eulen security systems

grupo eulen surveillance systems


  • Design engineering and implementation of safety systems.
  • Anti-intrusion systems.
  • Physical perimeter detection systems, electronic detection systems, video analysis and advanced technologies.
  • Conventional imaging systems, intelligent video and video using IP (video surveillance).
  • Local and remote access control systems.
  • Fire detection and fire fighting systems.
  • Centralization of systems in control centers.

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