Commitment to the environment


This commitment means that the services are provided with the appropriate technology, on time, getting the maximum return on the resources applied, in compliance with current legislation in all its aspects, with adequate supervision to ensure reduction in the number of incidents, respect for the environment, reducing environmental risks and promoting the use and appropriate management of natural resources.

The environmental policy includes not only aspects directly related to the provision of our services, but also the set of relationships with customers, employees, society, shareholders, suppliers and partners.

Our goal is to differentiate ourselves from the competition through our commitment to improve productivity, the results of the company and the satisfaction of our employees, respecting the rights of stakeholders and taking good care of the environment.

The environmental management system is incorporated as another element to the general management system of our activities.

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Launching a campaign to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

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  • Signing agreements with nationwide integrated waste management systems.
  • Training facilitators nationally on integrated management systems (signed contracts, documentation management in the province, using the computer application of each SIG).
  • Review the waste management process to adapt to the reality of our customers.
  • Signature of container removal clause in contracts with chemical distributors.

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The company, as part of its commitment to the environment and to sustainability, has implanted UNE-EN ISO 14001 in all its offices and services since 2000.

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GHG Report 2013

In line with our policy of transparency and continuous improvement, this report, conducted by our Quality and Environment department-collected emissions of greenhouse gases in the past three years.

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