Environmental control and hygiene

We are concerned about ensuring hygiene and environmental health in our customers’ buildings.

With sustainability as a central focus of our projects, we are responsible for diagnosing and monitoring the quality of air, water, waste management, emissions, and all aspects related to the efficient and sustainable management of the facilities where we provide service, based on the most stringent international regulatory standards.

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grupo eulen hygiene

grupo eulen environmental control


  • Prevention and control of legionellosis.
  • Bacteriostatic treatment.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of pipes and tanks.
  • Pest Control.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning systems.
  • Disinfection of contaminated ducts.
  • Deodorizing of facilities.
  • Natural radiation controls.
  • Electromagnetic radiations measurement.
  • Environment quality audits.
  • Environmental projects control and monitoring.
  • Water and waste analytical control.
  • Environmental monitoring plans.

Services provided by:

These services are provided by the companies Proinsa S.A. and Medidas Ambientales.

PROINSA, Compañía Internacional de Protección, Ingeniería y Tecnología S.A.U, provides services related to Environmental and Industrial Hygiene to customers in all business sectors. It has highly qualified personnel and all the required authorizations for the completion of services.

In turn, EULEN holds a 50% share of MEDIDAS AMBIENTALES, S.L., a highly technified company specializing in the radiological and environmental sector. The company Medidas Ambientales, with 63% of the staff holding a university degree, is responsible for conducting the Environmental Radiological Monitoring Plans in all operating nuclear power plants, processing over 9,000 samples and performing over 11,000 radiological analyses annually.

In addition to the nuclear field, it provides environmental services related to indoor air quality of facilities, microbiological control, analytical and waste water monitoring, characterization of contaminated soils and calculation of carbon footprint of services, working closely with the Grupo EULEN sustainable focus of projects.

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