David Álvarez Díez founded in Bilbao Central de Limpieza El Sol.

A new approach to the sector is born. At the end of the 1960s, the company’s headquarters has a training school and a laboratory where experiments are carried out with products and materials.



The company has regional offices in Spain’s major cities, working with prestigious clients that gradually outsource their cleaning work.



The company grows for the first time with the creation of Prosesa (now EULEN Seguridad), which embarks on private security activities by taking advantage of legal regulations to which banks and savings banks must adhere. EULEN Seguridad is today the oldest Spanish company in the industry.

DEMASA is established, which deals in manufacturing, importing and distributing machinery and chemical products for cleaning.

Turnover for the incipient Business Services Group created by Álvarez stands at 950 million pesetas.


Turnover exceeds 9 billion pesetas and the company has a staff of 11,200, 105 of which are postgraduates.

A key moment has arrived, which becomes the origin of today’s Grupo EULEN. It is the time of the Spanish transition, with inflation at more than 20% and a period defined by uncertainty and conflict in the workplace, when Álvarez begins to diversify towards sectors with greater technical content and added value.

Activities are launched in facilities maintenance, environmental services, energy control, facade and monument restoration and construction work.

The company moves its headquarters to Madrid.


Grupo EULEN is presented in Madrid, consisting of 25 companies. An owl is adopted as the symbol of quality in the group’s logo. Álvarez reveals a concept of outsourcing as a series of services that allow a company to focus on its main activity without having to worry about maintenance and conservation tasks.

The company has 14,000 employees and provides services to almost 4,000 clients.


Safusa is created, which develops new services, including health and care, warehouse monitoring, concierge and porter services for properties, municipal services management and customer care centers.

25th anniversary


Grupo EULEN celebrates its 25th anniversary with 72 companies and a turnover of more than 25 billion pesetas.


Through a process of mergers and takeovers, Grupo EULEN reorganizes its business structure to consist of EULEN, SA (cleaning, maintenance and environmental services, auxiliary services and health and care), Prosesa (now EULEN Seguridad), Demasa, Instituto EULEN de Formación and, two years later, Flexiplan, SA-ETT.



Grupo EULEN embarks on international growth into Portugal, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Peru.


Grupo EULEN Portugal begins its activity in the Portuguese market with the acquisition of a hygiene and cleaning services company.

That same year, Grupo EULEN Portugal obtains Quality Certification for the company in line with ISO 9001.


Grupo EULEN Portugal opens a regional office in Porto. With this initiative, the company extends the coverage of its services to almost the whole of the country.


CEDE (Spanish Confederation of Executives) awards the company with the “Entrepreneurs with Values” prize for its social commitment to training professionals in Spanish America.


EULEN Sociosanitarios S.A. is established, due to a division arising from the special social and healthcare-related nature of the services provided.


Grupo EULEN Portugal decides to launch its seven lines of business in the Portuguese market, thus creating three companies: EULEN , S.A. SUCURSAL EM PORTUGAL, EULEN PORTUGAL DE SEGURANÇA, S.A AND FLEXIPLAN TRABALHO TEMPORÁRIO, S.A.


The group acquires a US company specializing in airport handling called ASMO and sets up its headquarters in Miami.


The international division’s turnover stands at €280 million, representing 21% of the group’s total activity.

Grupo EULEN Portugal is awarded the ISO 14001 standard by DET NORSKE VERITAS, one of the international panorama’s most prestigious certification companies for quality systems.

50th anniversary

On January 2 2012, Grupo EULEN celebrates its 50th anniversary, present in 14 countries, with more than 78,000 employees and a consolidated turnover of €1.34 billion.


In 2013, EULEN Middle East is established with headquarters in Qatar, providing services to the countries of the region.


Grupo EULEN’s founder and first ever President, David Álvarez Díez, has died.


María José Álvarez Mezquíriz took over as Executive President of Grupo EULEN.