Human resources

Our corporate culture

The Human Resources culture at our company is based on a commitment to creating jobs in which all employees are treated fairly, with respect and dignity, providing equal opportunities and treatment regardless of nationality, race, religion or gender, or any other individual characteristics.

Our work is typified by our respect for rights relating to employees’ personality and their physical and moral integrity through compliance with the company’s internal regulations and those relating to Security and Hygiene at Work.

We also guarantee respect for individual privacy and personal data protection in line with current legislation.

Furthermore, our policy is based on respect for the environment and we are committed to carrying out our activities with consideration for the relevant environmental policies, regularly evaluating compliance in line with current legislation.

Our Offering/Your Career

Eulen Portugal has been operating for the last 9 years. Our greatest asset is our people, who are key to our business. Consequently, one of the pillars of the Group’s approach is based on investing in our employees.

We encourage internal promotion, according to our employees’ abilities, competence and professional merit and based on clear and transparent goals.

We regularly carry out evaluations in order to highlight the employees who show high levels of effort and skills development for promotion.

Forma parte del Grupo EULEN


Eulen Portugal establishes agreements with universities in order to provide recent graduates with the opportunity to make their first contact with the world of work through Internships, providing the knowledge development and essential skills to ensure professional progress. This initiative is constantly supervised/monitored by an internal tutor specially designated to accompany and evaluate the intern’s time at the company.

We also establish protocols with the IEFP (Portuguese Public Employment Service) for Professional Internships, in line with current legislation, and more than 50% of these employees/students subsequently join the company.

Acción social y voluntariado

Qualified Professionals

Eulen Portugal recruits qualified professionals, encouraging motivation and proven know-how, providing the possibility of a successful career based on a multidisciplinary approach as part of a solid organization with prospects for the future.

Online application

Eulen Portugal provides candidates with the option of making online applications, directly via the national site (under development in Spain), covering the entire group’s companies and business areas.
Candidates will be able to make unsolicited applications or respond to specific advertisements for individual vacancies/areas.

Realizarse profesionalmente

Professional and Personal Development

Eulen Portugal provides flexibility in terms of working hours, allowing employees to manage the time they arrive at and leave work in line with the most compatible option for the personal and family life, while always respecting compulsory working periods as defined internally.

Formación en Grupo Eulen


Training is one of Grupo Eulen’s pillars and one of the main elements of our Human Resources Policy.

At Eulen Portugal, all our employees participate in training activities when beginning their work with the group.

In order to optimize individual and collective technical skills, we offer constant training throughout your career.

Eulen Portugal shares an online training platform with the rest of the Group, allowing employees to access resources wherever they are and at any time of day.