Health services

Our activities also include the organization and comprehensive management of health services in both primary and specialized care. This is the case in the management of central sterilization in hospitals, primary medical and nursing health care services or comprehensive care of chronic patients.

Sterilization services are a fundamental part of our hospital management and where we observe the most stringent safety and quality protocols. As a result, we have been leading the way for more than 10 years in the hospital sterilization services field. An example would be the services provided in the University Hospital of La Fe in Valencia, the University Hospital Reina Sofía in Córdoba, or the Red Cross Hospital in Madrid.

General practitioner care is essential and is complemented by home care to monitor chronic conditions and situations of acute illness, as evidenced by our experience in home care in Vitoria.

We try to improve the quality of life of chronic patients by providing control of their illness through a comprehensive monitoring system at home.

Based on new technologies and taking education as the foundation for health, we prevent exacerbations or start their treatment even before the onset of symptoms, with the aim of reducing emergency room visits and hospital admissions.

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grupo eulen servicio sanitario



  • Management of long stay health centers.
  • Comprehensive management of hospital sterilization units.
  • Health services in hospitals.
  • Hospitalization at home.
  • Medical and nursing services.
  • Comprehensive care for chronic patients.
  • Preventive services.
  • Rehabilitation services.
  • Podiatry Services.

(Quality certifications: Excellence EFQM+400, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 27001:2005 e ISO 9001:2008 specific sterilization plants).

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Management of healthcare centers

We look after people to improve their quality of life.

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