Energy services

At EULEN, we are aware of the importance of energy resources for companies and administrations, therefore we prepare efficiency and energy saving studies and plans, and we apply the necessary engineering processes conducting the correct management thereof.

Our services include the implementation of automated management systems and buildings remote management systems as a basic tool to save energy, preventive maintenance and any improvements and changes aimed to improve energy saving.

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grupo eulen energy efficiency

grupo eulen energy efficiency in buildings


  • Implementation of automated management systems and building remote management systems.
  • Replacing electrical installations and energy saving lighting.
  • Mass replacement of luminaries by more efficient technologies in buildings and street lighting.
  • Installation of comfort parameters control elements in buildings and facilities.
  • Energy audits, thermal and electrical energy and water consumption analysis, and management of subsidies received from Public Administrations.
  • Preparation of energy efficiency studies to achieve a significant saving in facilities consumption.
  • Comprehensive management of facilities’ energy and water consumption by means of energy management contracts as an energy services company.
  • Comprehensive energy management in buildings, shopping malls, health care facilities, educational institutions, universities and sports centers.
  • Preventive maintenance and improvements on facilities.

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