Public Sector Environment

The commitment of Grupo EULEN to environment extends to the provision of specialized services for the public sector and it ranges from activities in forest and maritime environments to activities in population and industrial areas.

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grupo eulen natural environment

Natural environment

  • Landscape

    Management and operation of natural spaces. Civil engineering and biological engineering.

  • Marine environment

    Cleaning and preservation of beaches and dunes. Management of protected marine areas and oil spills.

  • Soil

    Decontamination analyses and plans. Landfill sealing and pollution control. Fertilization.

  • Water

    Analysis. Protection, cleaning and recovering of river banks and catchment basins. Natural resources management. Desalination projects including brackish waters desalination.

  • Atmosphere

    Air quality and noise pollution control. Corrective measures. Maintenance of weather stations.

grupo eulen human settlements

Human settlements

  • Rural

    Soil use maps, risk areas and livestock trails. Public infrastructures construction and agricultural irrigation systems. Livestock electronic identification and vaccination campaigns. Environmental education. Fire-prevention.

  • Urban

    Gardening, preservation and construction works in green areas. Recycling point management. Pest Control. Drainage network cleaning and analysis. Fraud detection. Air quality and noise pollution monitoring. Fire protection programs.

grupo eulen industrial and business environment

Industrial and business management

  • Infrastructure

    Environmental health and pollution prevention. Environmental, training and good practices audits. Emergencies.

  • Energy efficiency

    Subsidies audits and management. Advice on energy certification and alternative energy. Bioclimatic architecture.

  • Business sustainability 

    Studies on environmental impact and evacuation plans, restoration and surveillance. Risk analysis and compliance with legislation. Advice on tenders and certifications, and sustainability reports. Renewable energy projects.

  • Waste 

    Collection and transportation of waste. Minimization and management of hazardous, inert, medical, agricultural, urban, pneumatic, drainage wastes and so on. Operation and surveillance of landfills.

  • Black waters 

    Processing of authorizations. Analyses. Wastewater drains cleaning. WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) maintenance and operation. Resources saving. Sanitation systems design. Facility surveillance.

  • Energy efficiency 

    Emission permits processing. Levels. Chimney height calculations. Polluting agents and radiation emissions monitoring.