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Our Aviation Division provides a full-range of ground handling and passenger support services for domestic and international carriers. Since 1994, EULEN America has been a pioneer and leader in providing a broad spectrum of ground services in airports throughout the United States.

Our reputation of delivering cost-effective quality service is recognized within the aviation industry. We currently provide service to most air carriers at major airports throughout the country.

We offer services in all areas of above and below wing operations including:

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grupo eulen aviacion

grupo eulen aviacion

grupo eulen aviacion


  • Cabin Cleaning: we provide cabin cleaning services at numerous airports servicing thousands of flights annually. Our largest operation delivers quality, seamless service for multiple clients with a significant variety of aircraft and cabin service requirements.
    • Quick Turn (between flights)
    • RON (Run over Night)
    • Deep Clean/Ultra Clean
    • Periodical Changing
    • International Garbage Disposal
  • Cargo services: EULEN America has the ability and flexibility to handle every cargo need and consistently rises to the dynamic challenges of the cargo industry. Our services include:
    • Warehouse handling
    • Receiving and delivery
    • Document processing
    • Cargo screening
    • Office administration
    • Cargo facilities management
    • Cargo documentation handling
    • Dangerous Good Regulations control
    • Cargo facility security
    • Cargo security training
  • Load control: our load control support team provides our airline customers with reliable communications, flight dispatch, flight planning, weather service, weight and balance.
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE): we maintain ground equipment supported by a fully-equipped shop and reliable experienced mechanics. EULEN America provides GSE maintenance and GSE rental services to airline customers.
  • Janitorial services: we provide staffing for all janitorial needs at airport facilities, including office and restroom areas. From complete floor care, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, trash removal, and restocking of supplies. Our employees are trained to provide quality cleaning services in high traffic areas.
  • Passenger services: EULEN America provides professional, multilingual staff to ensure quality, friendly service to domestic and international passengers. We perform a full range of Passenger Services:
    • Skycaps
    • Porter Services:
      • Transfer of bags
      • Pet Services
      • Oversized luggage
    • Ticket Counter Agent
    • Pre TSA Screening
    • Passenger Service Representative
    • Baggage Service Representative
    • Gate Agent
    • Special Services Request (SSR):
      • Wheelchair Assistant
      • Unaccompanied Minor
      • Elder Assistance
      • Meet and Assist (VIP)
      • Airport Transfer Operator – Passenger Transportation
    • Federal Inspection Services (FIS) Passenger Services:
      • International Passenger Assistance
    • Lobby Management
    • Back Office Support Clerk
    • On Flight Support Services
      • On flight passenger needs
      • Oxygen canister supply
      • Periodical restocking
      • Immigration/Customs forms
      • On flight movies/entertainment
      • Restocking of supplies
  • Ramp-Side services: we provide station management and trained, uniformed ramp personnel to meet all of our customers’ requirements. Our services include:
    • Aircraft Marshalling
    • Aircraft Push Back
    • Aircraft Towing
    • Offloading/uploading of baggage/cargo
    • Lavatory Dumping
    • Air-conditioning
    • Airstart
    • Ground Power Unit (GPU)
  • Security training: EULEN America offers “Behavior Detection” training which is a proactive approach to security by training sworn law enforcement and airport security personnel to note and identify suspicious behavior as a potential threat to their transportation infrastructure site, prior to a terrorist attack or criminal incident. Airline staff is trained in TSA and FAA Cargo security requirements.

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