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At Grupo EULEN we are committed to the effective management of all services that affect both the maintenance of the buildings and the welfare of the people living in them. In addition, we support owners and managers in the management of their real estate.

  • FS&M
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Ancillary Services
  • Maintenance
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Solutions HR

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Isolated or integrated services (Facility Services) in buildings

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning work, maintenance, general, carpets, windows and screens. Cleaning and restoration of facades. Supply of cleaning products. Hygienic cleaning and environmental control.

  • Environment

    Maintenance and replacement of indoor plants. Environmental hygiene: audits, environmental monitoring, radiation and water controls. Certifications. Pest Control.

  • Maintenance

    Technical and legal preventive maintenance. Conductive, corrective and predictive maintenance of facilities by means of analysis techniques and CMMS and CAT systems. Energy services. Refurbishment. Projects. Network management.

  • Security

    Consulting. Access control. Surveillance. Escorts. Installation and maintenance of security systems. Information security. Fire protection. Design of the building’s emergency plan.

  • Support services

    Telephone helpline and information service. Call control. Concierge. Pouch and document management. Room management, reprographics, records. Furniture. Removals. Warehouse. Destruction of documents. Medical services.

Isolated or integrated services (Facility Services) outside the buildings

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning outdoor areas. Collection of solid urban waste. Cleaning of waste water treatment networks. TV inspection and leak detection. Blasting.

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance and repair of perimeter fences. Inspection and maintenance of outdoor water hydrants.

  • Security

    Control of external accesses. Surveillance patrols. Installation and maintenance of perimeter detection systems.

  • Environment

    Comprehensive maintenance of green areas: earthworks, irrigation systems, civil works. Installation and maintenance of lighting, ornamental fountains and pumping facilities.



Specific services for the customer’s core business

  • Canvasing of customers: promotion and recruitment

    Real estate promotions in shopping centers. Hiring sales force. Marketing activities in the retail channel. Recruitment and modification of policies through the call centre.

  • Comprehensive services in apartment buildings

    Reception. Cleaning common areas and sports facilities. Valet service. Laundry. Room service Vending management. Comprehensive management of sports facilities. Maintenance of air conditioning systems. Paper / soap / towel dispenser.

  • Claims management

    Processing of claims. Coordination of visits. Coordination of remedial actions. Supervision of repair services. Quality control of repairs. Satisfaction surveys.

  • Comprehensive Services in commercial or industrial buildings

    All those specified in the buildings section (interior and exterior).

  • Comprehensive services in urban properties (residential estates)

    All those specified in the buildings section (interior and exterior) and also:

    • Concierge of the residential estates

      First aid assistance. Heat and cold system monitoring. Basic conservation of the electricity network. Plumbing. Cleaning of the water treatment systems. Repairs. Garbage collection. Control and distribution of door-to-door advertising. Access control.

    • Lifeguard service

      Preventive surveillance of the pool. Access control. Daily supervision and cleaning. Chemical maintenance. Care for injured swimmers.

    • Service by individuals

      Swimming lessons. Tennis and dancing lessons. Free time instructor. Accompaniment and collection of minors at the school transport service. Babysitter. Custody of keys. Home cleaning, ironing and repair service. Services for older people.



  • HR Services

    Consulting. Selection and provision of professional profiles. Specific training for a job position. ORP services.

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

    • Business Process Management: billing, payroll, document scanning. Vehicles. Audits. Accounting. Treasury. Counseling. Insurances. Advertising.
    • Field inspection and appraisals: inventories, audits. Surveys.
    • Telemarketing and sales force: after sales and loyalty. Databases. Charges and claims. Promotions. Call center.
    • Other services: logistical brokers. Remote adviser. Mystery shopper. Surveys. Loyalty program.
  • CSR Support

    Social, labor, environmental and cultural activities. Audit: compliance with legislation. Monitoring working conditions. Follow-up of resources and waste management. Control of the supply chain. Partnership strategies of the company.



We provide building managers, manage licenses and coordinate improvement works. In addition, we comprehensively manage any services required, from cleaning and security, to canvassing of customers for new developments. Included services are:

Contribution of the FM structure. Analysis and definition of service and fulfillment levels (SLA). Incidents management. Improvement proposal. Manuals. Quality control. Property management. Integrated computer system. Comprehensive management of services. Support services.