Airport services

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Passengers, luggage, crew, facilities, equipment, etc. Our many years of experience and the capabilities of our staff mean we can identify, evaluate and attend to the specific needs of each and every actor that defines the day-to-day running of an airport, providing comprehensive management of all elements.

  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Auxiliary services
  • Maintenance
  • Environment
  • Healthcare

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  • Above-the-wing services

    Porters. Filter controllers. Persons with reduced mobility. Jet bridge handling. Skycaps (porters who can check in baggage). Document review, luggage check-in and ticket issuing.

  • Below-the-wing services: ramp

    Pushback and towing. Passenger, crew and load transport. Engine start-up. De-icing. Ramp/cockpit communication. Management of documents and traffic messages. Baggage handling. Drinking water supply. Cleaning of washroom services.

  • Below-the-wing services: cabin

    Cleaning. Supplies. Cabin security.

  • Below-the-wing services: towing

    Towing airplanes to different parts of the airport.

grupo eulen loading services


  • Logistics. Packing. Freight truck operators. Freight pallet loading. Maintenance of documents and document declaration at customs.

    Desk services for freight clients. Documentation and control of animals being transported by freight. Loading agents. Monitoring and inventory of dangerous material and reports sent to the FAA.

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    • Physical security

      Patrols. Parking lots. Checkrooms. SATE (Automatic Baggage Handling System). Control center. Building and industrial estate security. Control towers. Line coordinator (PRETSA). Passenger document controlling agent. Dog security.

    • Security systems

      Facilities. Maintenance.

    • Consulting and information security

      From the comprehensive security control center: virtual rounds with video surveillance, remote surveillance of facilities and remote monitoring of fire-fighting stations. Security audit. Emergency and evacuation plans for buildings. Municipal emergency plans. Drills. Creation of communication manual for crisis situations. Alarm control headquarters.

    • Other security services

      Aircraft servicing. On-runway aircraft security. Aircraft access control. Flight assistance security. Desk and ramp security. Baggage checks with X-ray-certified engineers. Freight hangar security. Freight transfers. Additional security for added value goods. Training.

     grupo eulen cleaning services


    • Airport and terminal cleaning

      Machine cleaning. Floor protection and treatment. Machine sweeping and washing. Carpet conservation and maintenance systems. Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning pipes. Insect removal. Waste collection and classification.

    • Aircraft cleaning (inside and outside)

      Internal and external cleaning of mobile material. Window cleaning at height, platforms and roads. Parking lot cleaning.

     grupo eulen maintenance services


    • Facilities maintenance

      General maintenance (electricity, plumbing, building work, etc. Maintenance of furniture, loading/offloading, engines and landing gear, heating and cooling systems, telecommunications, public address systems, escalators and travelators, moving platforms and freight elevators, facades and structures, tires. Hydraulics maintenance. Fire protection. IT maintenance.

    • Environmental maintenance

      Indoor gardening: maintenance and repositioning of indoor plants, environmental visiting centre. Falconry. Engineering study, telemanagement, renewable energies and energy efficiency. Outdoor gardening: planting and conserving green areas, clearing work, weed killers, surface water monitoring, noise contamination monitoring, water filter management.

     grupo eulen auxiliary services


    • Audits

      Audits of the different services provided in airports.

    • Cafeteria

      Assistance for cafeterias. Cafeteria management.

    • Assistance and information

      Flight information. Help for passengers. Assistance for passengers not admitted onto flights. Complaints management.

    • Assistance

      Services for minors: assistance for unaccompanied minors, kindergarten, playroom. Services for persons with reduced mobility. Healthcare assistance: medical services, infirmary, emergencies and ambulances.

    • General services

      Administrative assistants. Porters. Mail.

    • Rooms

      Meeting room and VIP passenger area management.

    • Parking lot

      Parking lot operations. Administrative control. Vehicle transfer service.

    • Mechanical services

      Mechanics and mechanical assistants.

    • Passenger service

      Issuing and verifying tickets and excess luggage payment. Immigration and customs. Check-in. Baggage assistance. Flight information for passengers. Transport and baggage reclaim. Crew transfers. Baggage loading. Supply control. Lost luggage services. Lost and found. Refunds for lost or damaged luggage. Baggage cart arrangement. Collection and maintenance of baggage carts. Car and bus drivers.