Industrial cleaning

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We provide cleaning services for all kinds of industrial buildings, with the aim of achieving levels of cleanliness that guarantee the proper running of the production process and the physical security of the facilities and the people who work there.
Grupo EULEN Chile signed a strategic partnership with KDM Industrial for all issues regarding comprehensive waste handling, thus fostering environmental benefits for clients, with the associated profitability.

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  • Comprehensive company cleaning services:
    • Ceaning of machinery and processing facilities.
    • Building cleaning.
    • Road cleaning.
    • Cleaning services planning and design.
    • Resource optimization.
    • Services engineering.
  • Waste management:
    • Separation at source, waste conditioning, selective collection, handling and recycling of industrial and commercial waste.
    • Designing, building and operating facilities for final disposal of solid waste.
    • Hazardous waste handling plans.
    • Technical industrial cleaning with mineral recovery.
    • Coal, ash and clinker handling in thermal power stations.
    • Closure of mining operations.
  • Industrial cleaning in processing plants::
    • Comprehensive cleaning of processing plants.
    • Cleaning of infrastructure, processing areas and production lines.
    • Sanitization of production areas, comprehensive pest control.

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EULEN Cleaning relies on qualified personnel and cutting edge technologies, providing full cleaning services that guarantee hygienic and comfortable spaces without damaging the environment.

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EULEN Cleaning Services guarantees the environmental health of our customers' buildings thereby providing more healthy and comfortable spaces.

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