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Our main aim is to guarantee high-quality work for our clients while fulfilling all established security measures to ensure the physical safety of our operators. According to a report by AChS (Chilean Security Association), the company has registered a 0% accident rate since the department was created.

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grupo eulen servicios de limpiezaservicio de limpieza

The service relies on

  • Qualified staff (height exam, heights rescue course and continuous training).
  • The use of the most suitable and safest resources (vertical elevators, hydraulic elevators, ladders, suspended chairs and descent platforms). All equipment carries European certification.
  • The undertaking of safe working procedures by a dedicated expert in risk prevention.
  • Certification for the equipment used (helmets, safety footwear, descent ropes, lifelines, harnesses, chairs, fall arrest harnesses and energy absorbers).
  • Work checklists for controlling procedures.
  • A supervisor in charge of works.

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