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Our policy of supporting the arts and culture has given us first-hand knowledge of the services required by leading institutions and firms in this field.

  • FS&M
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Auxiliary services
  • Maintenance
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Solutions HR
Servicios de patrimonio cultural inmueble


Individual or Comprehensive Indoor Facility Services

  • Cleaning

    Post-construction cleaning, maintenance, general cleaning, carpets, glass, and partitions. Facade cleaning and restoration. Cleaning supplies. Environmental control and hygiene cleaning.

  • Environment

    Care and repositioning of indoor plants. Environmental hygiene: audits, environmental monitoring, radiation and water testing. Certifications. Pest control.

  • Maintenance

    Preventive, technical, and mandatory maintenance. Routine, corrective, and predictive MEP systems maintenance using analysis techniques and GMAO and CAT systems. Energy savings. Remodeling work. Projects. Network management.

  • Security

    Consulting. Access control. Surveillance. Bodyguards. Security system installation and maintenance. Information security. Fire protection. Building emergency plan.

  • Support Services

    Reception, telephone answering and information services. Call monitoring. Concierge service. Document courier and management services. Conference rooms, copying, and archive management. Furniture. Moving/relocation. Storage. Document destruction. Health services.

Individual or Comprehensive Outdoor Facility Services

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning of outdoor zones. Municipal solid waste collection. Cleaning of plumbing and sanitation system. TV camera inspection and location of leaks.

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance and repair of perimeter walls/fences. Inspection and maintenance of outdoor irrigation heads.

  • Security

    Perimeter access control. Surveillance patrols. Installation and maintenance of perimeter detection systems.

  • Environment

    Comprehensive parks and gardens services: excavations, irrigation systems, civil works. Installation and maintenance of light fixtures, decorative fountains, and pumps.

Servicios de patrimonio cultural mueble


Services Specific to Client’s Core Business Activity

  • Cataloging and Inventory

    Asset identification and quantification. Cataloging of works. Classification of heritage assets. Analysis of record discrepancies. Collection maps. Set-up of “In Patrimonium” IT software.

  • Publicity and Promotion

    Promotional material and catalogues. Educational resources. Commemorative books. Audiovisual productions. Multimedia apps. Documentaries. Light art. Aesthetic consulting.

  • Valuation and Appraisal

    Artistic and historical assessment. Art authentication. Benchmark economic valuation. Provenance and traceability research. Pre-purchase/pre-sale surveys.

  • Special Logistics Services

    Rescue archeology. Customized transportation. Handling. Custom packaging and framing. Assembly and on-site installation. Moving, long-term custody, and storage. Emergency rescue and evacuation plans.

  • Restoration and Conservation

    Works on paper and similar, metals, textiles, bone, and ivory. Paintings. Sculptures. Archeology. Digital media. Preventive conservation. Physical and chemical analyses. Chemical and non-toxic pest control.

  • Legal and Tax Advice

    Purchase, agency, and custody of assets agreements. Intellectual property issues. International transit and trade. Artwork leases. Artwork swaps. Patronage. Insurance management.

  • Museology and Museography

    Concept design, development, and production. Exhibition venue management. Cultural programs. Events. Cultural routes and itineraries. Audiovisual and multimedia projects.

  • Other Support Services

    Facility management for museums, theaters, and exhibition and convention centers. Technical operations services in exhibitions and shows. Museum stores. Guided tours. Hostesses. Children’s play areas.

Servicios de soporte


  • HR Services

    Consulting. Selection and presentation of job candidates. Specific training for each position. OSH services.

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

    • Business process outsourcing: billing, payroll, document digitization. Company vehicles. Audits. Accounting. Treasury. Expert advice. Insurance. Publicity.
    • Field inspection and verification: inventories, audits. Surveys.
    • Telemarketing and sales force: after-sales and customer loyalty. Databases. Collections and claims. Marketing campaigns. Call center.
    • Other services: freight brokers. Remote advisor. Mystery shopper. Surveys. Customer loyalty programs.
  • CSR Support

    Social outreach, HR, environmental, and cultural activities.
    CSR audit activities: legal compliance. Supervision of job conditions. Monitoring resource and waste management. Supply chain control. Corporate association strategies.

total facility management


We provide full facility services for cultural property and assets, offering specialized assistance on specific tasks such as cataloging, appraisal, and restoration. This service package includes:

Creation of FM structure. SLA assessment, definition, and compliance. Incident solutions. Suggestions for improvement. Manuals. Quality control. Property management. Integrated IT system. Total facility management services. Ancillary services.

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EULEN Art is a company specializing in the comprehensive management of movable cultural heritage. We have a high-level team of experts and are committed to providing the tailor-made services every client, collection and piece require. This is joined by our extensive experience and excellence-based approach, making us the professionals on whom you would like to count. And if you want to work with us, do not hesitate to send us your CV.

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