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Grupo EULEN Chile’s Health and Care department specializes in providing comprehensive care services. The department has 25 years of success in Spain in managing care homes, telecare, home care and staff training, and this experience provides a foundation for future work in Chile, based on permanent presence and constant development.

The Telecare Service is based on a clear principle of health and care and is considered to be the first step in the field of care for the elderly. EULEN Health and Care has been a pioneer in Chile in large-scale telecare implementation and is currently the leader in terms of coverage at a community level.

The service is designed to provide 24-hour remote care, 365 days a year, regardless of the situation, at the touch of a button. This new service provides security and confidence not only to users, but also to their families and those concerned for them.

The user begins the communication process by pressing a button and qualified personnel immediately respond via a speaker in order to ascertain the reason for the call. Once aware of the situation, the staff member proposes a solution and/or mobilizes the user’s resources based on the information registered by them and the pre-established protocols for action. They then continue to monitor the situation until normal circumstances are re-established.

Users can communicate with the control center when required, while the Care Center regularly contacts service users for permanent monitoring, treatment reminders, information updates and for other reasons.

In the future, the company plans to implement other types of related services in Chile, including home help, healthcare at home and long-term care home management.

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  • Home-based telecare for the elderly.
  • Mobile telecare for the elderly.
  • Mobile telecare for female victims of domestic violence.

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