Environmental and radiation protection

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Our services, within the areas of Radiological and Environmental Protection, are provided under strict compliance with the applicable rules, with special concern for the employees, the population and the environment.

Aware of its importance and of the ends we seek, our staff is specially trained to perform each and every one of his/her duties with the utmost seriousness and effectiveness, following the highest standards of quality and environmental friendliness.

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grupo eulen radiation protection



  • Radiation protection in nuclear power plants.
  • Radiation control and protection in radioactive facilities.
  • Training programs in radiation protection.
  • Nuclear and radiation emergencies.
  • Environmental radiation monitoring services.
  • Collaboration protocol in metal materials surveillance.

Services provided by:

These services are provided by Proinsa, a company belonging to Grupo EULEN.

PROINSA, Compañía Internacional de Proteción, Ingeniería y Tecnología S.A.U, integrated within Grupo EULEN, provides services for radiation protection, emergencies, environment and training, primarily in nuclear and radioactive facilities in the steel sector. It is a Radiological Protection Technical Unit (RPTU) licensed by the Nuclear Security Council. Its Quality and Environment Management Systems are audited and certified.

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