Social services for company employees

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Working towards a work-life balance

Additional services that make life easier for the employees of a company represent a social benefit for the staff and promote an increase in their well-being and their involvement with the entity.

There are many corporations that have proved this to be true, and for that reason, our employee services are growing in order to respond to increasing needs.

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grupo eulen empresa de seguridad privada

grupo eulen empresa seguridad privada

Specific services:

  • Consulting on dependency and social resources management.
  • Telephone information on adolescent behavior.
  • Telephone counseling and psychological support during pregnancy, delivery and post-partum.
  • Homecare.
  • Telecare.
  • Vocational schools.
  • Leisure centers.
  • Urban summer camps.

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Social Networks Eulen

We open up new communication channels to be closer to you. We invite you to follow us and participate in social networks to keep up to date with our news and activities and provide you with even more direct and personalized care.